Author: Harshana Ghoorhoo

April 2022Focus2022Laws of War

FOCUS on the Laws of War: Nuclear Weapons and Other Banned Arms

The war in Ukraine has brought renewed attention to laws surrounding the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), including banned ones. Amid concerns that Russian President Vladimir Putin might unleash WMDs on Ukraine if he keeps losing the advantage in the war, arms control treaties have been thrown back in the limelight. 

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Faculty SpotlightSeptember 20202020School of Diplomacy News

Father Brian Muzás Awarded Stanton Nuclear Security Fellowship at Council on Foreign Relations

Known for his expertise in nuclear issues in international affairs, Father Brian Muzás has recently been awarded the Stanton Nuclear Security Fellowship at the Council on Foreign Relations. As a Stanton Fellow, Muzás will be in residence full-time at the Foundation located in New York City. In a recent interview, he spoke about his Fellowship and his current research focus.

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Campus SpotlightSeptember 20192019School of Diplomacy News

School of Diplomacy Hosts Forum on Modern Slavery

Seton Hall’s School of Diplomacy hosted the Forum on Modern Slavery: 21st Century Solutions on Friday, September 27. There were several panels of discussion throughout the day which addressed specific aspects of modern slavery with a focus on potential solutions.

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September 2019School of Diplomacy News

School of Diplomacy Hosts its Annual Dean’s Welcome BBQ Event

The social gathering took place on campus where students and faculty alike came together to share in the spirit of the Diplomacy community. It was a warm and welcoming atmosphere on the green where the event kicked off with games and light-hearted conversations among students and faculty members.

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WorldInternational NewsU.S.AfricaConflict and Security

How America is Helping Africa Develop: The African Union-United States Partnership

While the importance of a U.S. presence in Africa cannot be overlooked, other countries have deepened their interest in Africa and have allocated considerable resources to the continent’s development.

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