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Author: Keith Barnes

November 2015Europe

Seven Years After Recession, European Economy Has Positive Outlook

This new found fiscal responsibility has given confidence to investors, resulting in capital inflows and an uptick in business and consumer confidence, according to the Wall Street Journal. Despite all this, nominal inflation is still only around 0.2 percent, far from the U.S. Federal Reserve’s own 2 percent target.

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European Court of Justice Ends Safe Harbor

The ECJ ruling does not explicitly end communications for companies without model contracts, but simply puts judicial oversight in the hands of national regulators. In the United States, the question has arisen about the effect of the ruling on American data privacy rights.

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European Policies Diverge on Refugees

The BBC reports that considering their increasing estimates of incoming migrants, now a staggering 800,000, Germany’s government has released an additional 3 billion euros from the federal budget to help local governments. The influx of refugees from the Middle East also affects European migrants–the German government will change the status of Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro to “safe” so that migrants from those countries can be easily deported.

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