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Interview with a UNICEF USA Intern

Saveria Antonacci
Opinion Editor

Seva Tsivgas, a diplomacy & international relations major, minoring in cyber security, Spanish, and economics hit off her senior year by starting out an internship at UNICEF USA. There, she serves as a Global Cause Partnerships (GCP) Intern, where she helps oversee the transfer of funds from donors to their intended programming at UNICEF. Tsivgas also researches new organizations to build partnerships and help fundraise. Most of these organizations can be grouped in as corporate, faith based, club based, or foundational partnerships 

Tsivgas believes the most rewarding aspect of her internship is to “be part of something greater,” where she can see the direct results of her contributions. Recently, she saw how the cause transcends a New York City Office after being tasked with writing an article to announce the eradication of maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tsivgas believes it is one thing to learn about UNICEF USA’s efforts towards eradicating polio, but another to create content to help promote themAs a result of UNICEF’s efforts, only 12 countries remain with a high risk of MNT, which is down from 59 countries in 2000Tsivgas was also given the opportunity to write a toolkit for volunteers to review at World Polio Day on October 24.  

After speaking with the Chief Financial Officer of UNICEF USA, Tsivgas concluded “every single person who works at UNICEF USA has a direct impact towards what we do abroad. If a team member struggles in doing a tedious task, they can go to a meeting and hear about its effects towards children abroad.  

When asked about prior leadership roles she believed helped prepare her for this experience, Tsivgas cited her time spent as an At-Large Senator and Parliamentarian at Seton Hall University’s Student Government Association and Women’s Empowerment Intern at International Rescue Committee. At these organizations, she was able to make a lot of professional relationships with other student leaders and organizations. I was also able to expand the portfolio of the IRC’s employer network. We would work with employers to help refugees find jobs through building healthy relationships. Tsivgas also serves as the President of SHU’s Women in Diplomacy program, where she continues to draw encouragement from in her responsibilities to create more partnerships with women’s empowerment organizations.  

Additionally, Tsivgas drew inspiration from her grandmother who immigrated to the United States from Greece. “I heard all these stories about my grandmother’s experience living in poverty, working as a housekeeper in a hotel or working in a luggage factory.” Tsivgas’ inspiration turned into motivation, as these stories inspire her to continue being a force of change.  

“I’ve always been passionate about helping displaced people… especially when they are forced to navigate all the saddening experiences people have after leaving a home country. She added, It took her decades to see the benefit of moving to the United States and I want to be able to help people in new situations so that others won’t have it as rough as my grandmother did.” 

The link to Tsivgas’ article for UNICEF USA can be found here: 

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