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Filipino Americans Reclaiming the Barong

The barong is a sheer button-down shirt that is designed with hand stitched embroidery and is the formal wear of the Philippines. The barong is often called barong Tagalog, which translates to the ‘dress of the Philippines.’ Recently, there has been a growing popularity in wearing the barong which displays national pride in a stylistic, cultural way.

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Public Investors Will Never Win – Thank the Private Markets

Despite the narrative of democratized investing being pushed by mobile trading apps, the “Gamestop Frenzy”, and the market share of retail investors growing from 10% in 2011 to 22+% 2022… the financial whales still gatekeep the best features of Wall Street for themselves. Private markets have locked up the best opportunities and thrown away the key. Inequity among investors has become increasingly apparent when evaluating the decrease in the value creation offered by U.S. IPO markets.

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Inappropriate Fan Behavior: Swifties

Taylor Swift is an internationally recognized popstar who has created a massive fanbase of die-hard “Swifties.” Many of these individuals have been following her career since her debut album, which was released in 2006. Over the last nearly 17 years of her career she has created ten albums, produced documentaries, as well as had multiple record-breaking world tours.

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