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Pharrell Williams takes over Hong Kong for Louis Vuitton Show

Pharrell Williams is known to many as a musician, but he is also the creative director for Louis Vuitton’s menswear. His debut collection occurred earlier this year with a show at Paris’ Pont Neuf bridge. Williams unveiled his most recent collection at Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour with a stunning skyline view, marking the first ever Louis Vuitton fashion show held in Hong Kong.

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Epic Games’ Lawsuit Secures a “Victory Royale” over Google

Epic Games, creator of the hit video game “Fortnite”, won a critical lawsuit over Google citing the monopolistic nature of their mobile app store ecosystem. For years, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook have successfully defended against antitrust allegations, leaning heavily on the argument that their massive scale provides consumers with higher quality for lower costs. However, others argue that this market dominance prevents healthy competition and lacks sufficient power regulation.

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Take A Walk

It is known that completing higher levels of education is a time consuming, difficult and demanding task in a student’s life. A well-rounded lifestyle is vital for a productive learning environment, yet most students are not taking care of some aspects of their physical health, such as consistent exercise. Walking is a great form of cardiovascular exercise that is likely to be the most manageable for able-bodied individuals to participate in.

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Student Spotlight: Erin Murphy

If you were to ask me someone who embodies a hard-working student at Seton Hall, both inside and outside the classroom, Erin Murphy would be one of the first people that come to mind. Erin, who is a senior that is double majoring in Accounting and Information Technology, has been able to make great use of her time here at Seton Hall. Erin is able to balance the workload of a double major, while also being heavily involved on campus and active in giving back to the Seton Hall community.

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