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Student Spotlight: Erin Murphy

By Daniel Mahon
Stillman News Editor

If you were to ask me someone who embodies a hard-working student at Seton Hall, both inside and outside the classroom, Erin Murphy would be one of the first people that come to mind. Erin, who is a senior that is double majoring in Accounting and Information Technology, has been able to make great use of her time here at Seton Hall. Erin is able to balance the workload of a double major, while also being heavily involved on campus and active in giving back to the Seton Hall community.

Erin is the current President of Beta Alpha Psi, the Honor Society for Accounting, Finance, and Information Technology majors. Erin works closely with recruiters from many companies to ensure that the club is able to meet with and learn from these companies every week. She was a huge part in coordinating a fundraiser that raised over $700 that will go towards the club’s end-of-year banquet to induct its newest members.

Erin brings contagious laughter to any room she’s in

That isn’t Erin’s only leadership role, as she is part of the Buccino Leadership Institute as well as the Business Leadership Center. Seton Hall has played such an influential role in the development of Erin’s leadership qualities. She acknowledges this saying, “Seton Hall has provided me with so many opportunities to get out of my shell and develop leadership characteristics. Whether it’s working on a group project, being President of Beta Alpha Psi, or attending networking events put in by the Leadership Institute, I have been able to become a more effective leader.”

Erin added another notch to her resume this year by becoming a member of Blue Crew. She plays a big part in helping out during Open Houses, and giving many tours to high school kids and parents as well. To her, being part of Blue Crew is not a chore at all; in fact, it has more of a social feel to it as opposed to a job. Going along with this, she says, “My favorite part of joining Blue Crew has been the people; everyone is so friendly and funny. Working there is so much fun and it doesn’t feel like work at all.”

Along with all of this, Erin gives back and helps other students as well. She works for the Academic Resource Center as a tutor-in-residence, helping underclassmen with a wide variety of subjects. She helps with all of the business CORE classes, as well as previous accounting courses she has taken. One could wonder how someone is able to balance all of these responsibilities, but it comes easy to Erin. She makes sure she stays organized, saying “Keeping a planner that has everything that I have going on during the week has been a big help. I try my best to complete my assignments the day I get them that way I am not falling behind.”

Erin has been a major part of planning huge events this year, such as Beta Alpha Psi’s Meet the Firms

Erin Murphy is the embodiment of a student leader. Not only is she intelligent inside the classroom, but she has amazing soft skills that allows her to be apart of so many different organizations and know so many people. If you know Erin, you know that she is a joy to be around and has a positive impact on student life at Seton Hall. After graduation, Erin will be working full time at Ernst & Young, a Big 4 Public Accounting Firm. I know that the amazing things she does at Seton Hall will carry over into her work life.

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