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Revolve Reveals AI Fashion Collections

Tiya Antony
Fashion News Editor

AI fashion week occurred in April of 2023, and was a grand hit by highlighting the union of emerging AI technology and the fashion industry. Revolve, a well-known fashion retailer, partnered with AI agency Maison Meta to put on the show. The top three designers from the inaugural AI Fashion Week had their products manufactured by Revolve for people to purchase. And this collection just dropped.

Look from José Sabral’s collection (Photo courtesy of NFT Now)

Revolve’s Co-Founder, Michael Mente states that “Through AI, we’re able to explore new emerging designers, brands, and trends that we are known for delivering in unique ways.” A fashion show made with artificial intelligence opens a platform for new creators with interesting collections to showcase their visions. AI provides improved technology for the fashion industry to manage demands for products and use new skills like generating high quality images.

The three collections, designed with AI, each released around 12 pieces for Revolve to manufacture and sell as physical products. There are traditional fashion choices while others are more daring with mixtures of fabrics, such as a sequined blouse with satin sleeves. The first winner is Josè Sabral with the band Paatiff. Sabral has no previous experience in fashion but has a background in architecture. Similarly, the second-place winner, Matilde Mariano with the brand Molnm, has a background in architecture. Paatiff is focused on a ‘Futuristic Old Soul’ line because of the combination of traditional and futuristic elements in the garments. There is a focus on structure, form, shadows, and timeless fabrics to name a few. On the other hand, Molnm captures the inspiration of landscapes and nature’s tranquility. The second-place collection is focused on promoting comfort with style as well as being sustainable, with natural textiles. There is an emphasis on lightweight materials for preservation and sustainability, to prove that nature and fashion can co-exist together in a productive way. The third winner is stylist Ope Stylestar, who previously worked at Betsey Johnson. The brand, titled OPÉ, published their Emergence collection that is focused on a romantic aesthetic. There is the inclusion of soft materials, meticulous details, elegant flairs, and playful neutral colors.

A Molnm design (Photo courtesy of AI Fashion Week)

The founder and director of Maison Meta states “the goal is to allow the winners to set up brands they can run independently if they choose.” The inclusion of AI into fashion allows people without training in fashion to step into the field with creativity and determination to learn the AI tools. Other brands like Heliot Emil and Collina Strada are testing the use of artificial intelligence tools in fashion. Human artistic abilities are still needed with AI generated material. People are needed to decide prompts, guide the process, and decide if the product needs further embellishments according to their vision.

Revolve and Maison Meta have their next AI Fashion Week occurring in two parts, taking place in Milan and New York. The same competition is occurring, with an increase to five winning collections being produced as physical garments.



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