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Alumna Erica Cosgrove Visits Marketing Club

Miabella Espaillat
Stillman News Editor

The Marketing Club at Seton Hall has a plentiful amount of great opportunities and experiences for all kinds of business students. The Marketing Club hosts events that are for anyone and everyone to join! One of the greatest things about the Marketing Club at Seton Hall University is the guest speakers they invite in. Recently, the Marketing Club invited alumna Erica Cosgrove to speak about her marketing experience and current works. Erica Cosgrove is a graduate of the Stillman School of Business and has led a successful marketing career.

Alumna, Erica Cosgrove (Photo courtesy of Cosgrove’s LinkedIn)

Erica Cosgrove has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a minor in graphic design. Her background and activities she participated in at Seton Hall University are an extensive list! The sports activities range from women’s track and field for 3 years, additionally women’s golf for 1 year. Erica Cosgrove also represents Alpha Kappa Psi and Omicron Delta Kappa (Honor Society) from the University! An encouragement to all students alike to join more clubs and activities at the University. Erica Cosgrove, a part of the Student Alumni Association, has over ten years in the marketing field. Her prior jobs and roles include WarnerMedia, mashable, Pressboard, Triple Lift, Fox Sports, and Laugh Out Loud Network. The skills she’s acquired by studying at Seton Hall are advertising, fundraising, PowerPoint, digital marketing/media, and sales.

Her skills are intimidating to some, but an inspiration to all fellow marketing students. Erica Cosgrove’s most current and ongoing job is the Laugh Out Loud Network. Erica Cosgrove is the Senior Director of Brand partnership for the Laugh Out Loud Network. However, most might ask, what is the Laugh Out Loud Network and why is it impressive? Laugh Out Loud is a production company founded by a famous comedian, Kevin Hart, and is an entertainment-based network. The Laugh Out Loud Network was founded in 2017, in Los Angeles, California. The network develops, produces, and distributes comedic digital media. The brand’s goal is to amplify emerging comedic voices of colors talents and cultures. Kevin Hearts, alongside his team that includes Erica Cosgrove, desires to construct the biggest comedy brand in the world. Our fellow Stillman School of Business graduate works for the network and had valuable insight to provide during the meeting.

What’s an important message she gave us that could go for any student? Start being active in Seton Hall University’s job openings and activities. Her first marketing experience was working for Seton Hall University athletics marketing intern. A vital message is that a small step towards building a future is much closer than you think. To reach out to our University resources and career center to find a job/internship. Attending a Marketing Club meeting might be able to allow more to meet the next “Erica Cosgrove.” Moreover, begin creating and extending students’ own networks. Meeting fellow aspiring marketers and business students can help expand their horizons. Guest speakers hold valuable conversations and tips for future graduates/internships.

For more information and upcoming events for the Marketing Club, please look at the contact below.
Contact: marketingclub@shu.edu


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