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SHU Market Research Center Partners With New Association

Miabella Espaillat
Stillman News Editor

The Seton Hall University Market Research Center is working with Central Atlantic Region Insights Association. The university is planning on doing a virtual event with the association to help students further their knowledge and career. The event is said to be held on February 23rd in 2022. The session with the Market Research Center will include a myriad of activities and opportunities. The agenda contains chances to network on a virtual and assisted level. There will be introductions to which people can welcome and be connected with other students.

There’s importance to meeting new people due to it being able to invite potential future careers and connections. There will be an advisory board full of members and faculty to question/network with. There will be a Young Professionals Panel that will include a variety of young experts in the marketing field. It’s key for anyone interested in marketing to meet other young professionals and gain advice. The meeting will include ice breakers to make it easier for you and others to meet each other! The career opportunities will be plentiful.

The Association’s Atlantic Chapter logo (Photo courtesy of The Insights Association)

The partnering with the Central Atlantic Region Insights Association goes beyond helpful for our Seton Hall community, it goes the extra mile. The Central Atlantic Region Insights Association describes itself to be dedicated to creating an engaged, vibrant market research and data analytics. The board for their association is made up of volunteers. More of a reason to attend this meeting is that they’re dedicated to assisting their members in expanding their companies. On top of that, their goal is to further members’ careers as practitioners and leaders. By advocating the unquestionable importance of insights in creating business impact, the Insights Association preserves and develops demand for the expanding Insights and Analytics sector. To allow their members to prosper, they invest 100% of our earnings in quality standards, legal and business advocacy, education, certification, and direct assistance.

The members are the world’s foremost creators of information, analytics, and insights that define consumers’ requirements, attitudes, and behaviors. As well as the needs, attitudes, and behaviors of businesses and their workers, students, and citizens. Leaders can make informed decisions and implement strategies. The leaders can also erect tactics to develop trust, inspire creativity, realize the full potential of individuals and teams, and effectively create and sell goods, services, and ideas with this critical information.

Professor Warner, Adam Warner, had set up this opportunity for all the students to participate in. Professor Warner is an Instructor in the Department of Marketing, the Director of Stillman’s Market Research Center, and serves as Director of Business Consulting Services. Adam Warner has helped Stillman School of Business previously and is currently still working towards fostering the community.

The virtual meeting isn’t for marketing students only too. Seton Hall’s very own Market Research Center director founded this opportunity for any student to attend. The meeting will be from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. There are only 100 people allowed to attend with limited spots. The Marketing Research Center has been grateful enough to provide Seton Hall students with this opportunity.


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