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Wrapping Up the Stillman Masterclass Series

Daibelis Acevedo
Stillman News Editor

Andrew Rojas (Photo courtesy of LinkedIn)

It’s a wrap! On Thursday, October 19, 2021, the Marketing Department held the last part of its Marketing Series. The Marketing Department brought guests from notable companies to guide and inform business students of the current work climate.

The series started off with Andrew Rojas, who is a Salesforce Executive. Not only did Andrew come from a background in mathematics, but he completely changed his career path when he figured out that math was not for him anymore. He reminded students of the importance of doing what they feel most comfortable doing. Additionally, Andrew spoke about the digital changes that are occurring right before our eyes. It is essential to continue learning and being able to stay on top of the newest technological trends.

Dario Spina presenting to students (Photo courtesy of Teresitia Walters)

Next, we had a visit from Dario Spina, who is the CMO of ViacomCBS. Dario gave students an excellent informative presentation where students were able to learn and participate in conversation with him. As a CMO, Dario provided what it is like to work for a big media company and stay on top of the lasting changes in the marketing field. This event with Dario Spina also opened up a conversation about ethics and human resources at companies; he mentioned the pressure Gen Z has placed on companies, raising their expectations.

Niles Brandon (Photo courtesy of LinkedIn)

Last but not least, Niles Brandon was the third guest of the series. He is the VP of Human Resources at Fanatics. With Niles, students were able to truly understand the importance of networking and building connections with people. After almost becoming a lawyer, Niles changed his path and began to work for Disney and Paramount. He had continued to hold some valuable connections from his past that led him to his career in Fanatics. Students truly valued his advice and tips on differentiating themselves for the workforce.

A huge thank you to the marketing department, but more specifically to Professor Farfan, Professor Ladik, Ms. Teresitia Walters, Dean Strawser, and The Marketing Club for doing everything possible in making these events a reality. For more information on each individual event, visit our Stillman News section!


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