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Daibelis Acevedo
Stillman News Section Editor

On November 4th, 2021, the Seton Hall Alumni Association held the “Stillman Virtual Panel Series: Women in Business” with three SHU alumni. Dean Strawser moderated and lead the event and it was a spectacular evening.

The panelist of the event: Jena Angeliadis, Claudia Ko, and Gabriela Redhead (left to right) (Photo courtesy of Dean Strawser)

Alumni Claudia Ko, Jena Angeliadis, and Gabriela Redhead are all graduates of The Stillman Business School and they provided exceptional insight on what it is like to work in the corporate world. All three of the panelist shared valuable information and advice for students. At the end of the event, there were breakout rooms available for a one-on-one networking opportunity with each panelist.

Panelist Claudia Ko received her master’s at SHU last year and she is currently an associate marketing manager at Getinge. Claudia shared her personal experience on balancing work, life, and continuing education. She advised students to keep their employers in the loop about their lives especially if it is about their education. Claudia mentioned this can build a connection with your employer and provide an opportunity for your employer to consider you for future roles.

Jena Angeliadis graduated with her M.B.A. from SHU in 2019 and she is currently the Chief of Staff at American Express. Jena provided amazing advice on networking and being able to make connections in and out of the workplace. Working from home has made that networking part a little bit more challenging for some, but on the other hand, some people who dealt with anxiety, stress, and nerves have said that online networking has been easier. Jena shared her personal experiences on how she was able to make valuable connections and her main advice was for students to reach out and do the little things that make us uncomfortable. For example, reaching out to a professor or co-worker who has experiences and advice to share can create a relationship of a lifetime.

Next, panelist Gabriela Redhead graduated from the Stillman Business School in 2016, she is currently an associate for Alternative Investments Group at J.P. Morgan. Gabriela shared her personal experiences and the importance of being your true self at the workplace and being the best version of yourself that you can be. Additionally, she mentioned the club that she founded at SHU which is the ALPFHA club. This club has helped numerous students find business opportunities from big corporate companies. She was able to obtain her J.P. Morgan internship through this club and she encourages students to get involved and begin to seek these amazing opportunities.

The event was a success and students were able to leave with amazing connections after the event. Thank you to Dean Strawser for hosting this event and guiding the panelist in their discussion.


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