Trump Calls off Talks with Taliban After Terrorist Attack in Kabul

By Aminat Tokakova
International News Writer

Trump’s decision to call off talks can work for or against U.S. commitement to peace talks (Photo courtesy of Anadolu Agency)

Due to the recent terrorist attack in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, where 12 people were killed, including an American soldier, President Trump confirmed his cancellation of a meeting with Taliban at Camp David. He later stated that the peace negotiations were “dead.” The decision to call off the meeting has shocked both sides, considering months spent to finally reach the stage of potential negotiations and discussions of the conflict. Prior to the meeting, Trump claimed to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan, letting only 8,500 troops stay there during the operation.

The controversial decision of President Trump has caused equally controversial reactions. Unsurprisingly, the Taliban stated that the decision would “lead for more losses for the U.S.,” which some political critics saw as a hinted threat for the Western nations, according to CNN. The Taliban admitted its readiness to return to the table and continue negotiations, despite Trump’s abrupt cancellation of talks. Zabuillah Mujahid, the Taliban’s spokesman, said that if negotiations are not resumed, “[they] will continue to [wage] jihad,” according to The Washington Post. Laurel Miller, director of International Crisis Group, commented upon the situation, pointing out how “this could be a blow to the credibility of the U.S. commitment to the peace process.” Miller concluded that peace needs has been disrupted and needs to be restored as soon as possible.

On the other hand, President Ghani of Afghanistan, agreed with President Trump’s decision to call of talks with the Taliban. Thus, Sediq Sediqqi, the spokesman of the Afghan government, claimed that “[they] believe President Trump sees that the Taliban are not committed to peace,” adding that Trump surely understands that the Afghan people support long-lasting peace, according to The Washington Post. President Ghani’s office announced that the cancellation should open new opportunities for the direct talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, regarding potential peace negotiations within the country.

Despite the sides political critics and analysts have taken regarding Trump’s announcement to withdraw from peace negotiations, it is yet to be seen the outcomes of the decision, and whether it was beneficial for the United States, Afghanistan, and the world, in general.


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