Boris Johnson Placed on Voting Deadline

By Zachary Cooney
International News Writer

PM Boris Johnson is adamant on leaving the EU on October 31 (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Recent events have the newly-elected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a political standstill. Lawmakers in his own party, the Conservatives, had struck down his hope again of leaving the European Union without an agreement being made. On Monday, September. 9, lawmakers rejected Johnson’s hope of holding a national election, according to BBC.

A new law was approved by Parliament that rejected Boris Johnson from pursuing a withdrawal from the European Union. Parliament is now dismissed until mid-October. As Parliament continues to bash the prime minister, British citizens are reminded of how Brexit caused former Prime Minister, Theresa May, to resign after failing to provide a plan for her party.

While there are supporters of Brexit, it does not make sense for it to occur without a formal plan, while without one could have serious economic repercussions. The deadline to leave is October 31 and it seems as though there is enough time to formulate a deal, but only if Johnson moves quickly. Parliament called for an election to occur on October 15 on the grounds that he could wrangle a majority to leave Europe, according to Al Jazeera.

If Johnson is defeated, he could be cast from the office and a further delay would be given to Parliament to figure out their exit plan. Prime Minister Johnson is changing members of his own party in order to have a stronger backing in the Brexit game. It is only a matter of time before the October 15 election to see if Johnson can somehow find a majority to support his plan.


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