Pope Francis Visits Mauritius on his Three-Nation Trip

By Harshana Ghoorhoo
International News Writer

Mauritius is a culturally diverse country, with a widely held practice of acceptance (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Pope Francis landed in Mauritius Monday morning. The island was the last leg of his African tour, prior to which he had visited Mozambique and Madagascar. He celebrated Mass in the capital city, Port Louis where he was welcomed by over 100 thousand people.

In his address to the nation, Pope Francis emphasized the importance of incorporating the preaching of Christ into our way of living. He said that we foster a new missionary momentum, where especially the youth will be taking charge of re-directing the Christian community toward new directions, America Magazine reported.

Where in Mauritius about 25.5 percent of the youth population is unemployed, the pope addressed the issue on how young people are suffering the most, albeit the country recently experienced economic growth. As further stated by America, he talked about how this leaves their future in uncertainty and makes them vulnerable, especially to drugs.

The pope made a brief visit to the presidential palace where he was welcomed by the Prime Minister, Pravin Jugnauth and other civil authorities. According to the Prime Minister, this visit demonstrates Mauritius’ success of rising up the socioeconomic ladder, but also showcases the country as a genuine model of pluralism, Africa News reported.

Mauritius is a country rich in cultural diversity where the acceptance of each other is a nation-wide ideology. The pope expressed his sentiments how on his brief visit to the island allowed him to encounter this unique culture and people respect each other and are able to harmonize existing differences to further the interests of the nation, BBC News reported.

This trip undoubtedly will remain at the heart of development of the Christian community in Mauritius. In face of the countless adversities that the world is facing today, for a small island like Mauritius, faith and goodness remains at the core of their values and beliefs to create a better society.

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