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Advancement in Technology: Why is 5G so Important to Us?

By Shelly Han
Opinion Writer

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Possibly the most debated topics over this past year is who will win the “race” to successfully building the next 5G network generation. We should really take the time to understand why it is vital for companies throughout the world to win this “race” and what benefits can truly be acquired with the new wireless 5G network.

Most young adults depend on social networking to communicate with friends and family, typically with those who live far away. I know that I certainly depend on these networking platforms to feel more closely connected to my family, who live more than 2,900 miles away in Vancouver, Canada. Unfortunately, when utilizing applications, such as FaceTime, I have often noticed that I am unable to effectively use the platform to its full potential due to slow network speeds and poor coverage.

However, the 5G promise means that we will be obtaining much faster network speeds, an increase in reliability, and more coverage. Early reports from companies, such as AT&T and T-Mobile, suggest that “smart devices operating on a 5G network may be able to operate at speeds that are thousands of times faster than on a 4G network.” 5G will also enable the development of smartphones and technological devices, as well as new and improved applications that will better suit our needs.

Beyond all of this, Michael Miller, technological columnist from PC Magazine indicates that 5G can also aid in the “improvement of self-driving cars and telemedicine and VR reaching its true potential.” 5G will not only boost our smartphone usage, but it will also assist in the advancement of many fields, such as medicine, transportation, healthcare, and manufacturing.

As someone who has experienced the anguish of slow connection speeds and horrible coverage, it is safe to presume that 5G is something we should all eagerly anticipate. For myself and my peers, not only will this enhancement in the technological field “allow us to very quickly download Netflix onto our phones for us to watch,” but, more significantly, it will also grant us the ability to conveniently conduct research for our school papers and connect with the world around us.


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