The State Archives


I spent a good part of today with Ana, who has been helping me enormously with my research here in Zadar. I met with the director of the the State Archives (the building is pictured above) and talked further with people at the Center.  Rina has made arrangements for me to meet with the President of the University of Trieste, who will be coming to Zadar on Friday for the opening of an exhibit, as well as an editor at the Edit Publishing house and the President of the Italian community of Fiume on my trip to Rijeka next week. I hadn’t realized that the Drzavni Arhiv is the holder of all the church documents of Zadar. They were transferred here when Zadar was under Austrian rule, mainly for tax collection purposes and census information. The churches have duplicate copies of these documents. The State Archives has done a wonderful job putting on line its finding aids as well as a digital archive.

This is one of them. Romantic, isn’t it?


And lastly, on your way out….



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