A trip abroad

I’ve started this blog as a way of documenting my upcoming trip. From some time I’ve been wanting to do research on the publishing activities of the Italian minority population in Dalmatia and Istria, as well as the publishing activities of Italians who left Dalmatia and Istria after the Second World War. I’ve been to Zadar many times, but it was only on my last trip that I discovered¬† the Italian Community Center. It is nearly hidden on a side street in the old town. I studied Italian there¬† for three months. Before I left for home, I purchased twenty or so books that the center published–beautiful books that document a past that exists¬† only in memory. You can check out some of the titles in our library catalog by doing a search for “Italians” and “Dalmatia” or simply a term like “Istria. Please take a look, it’s an interesting collection that has been supplemented by titles acquired from Cassalini http://library.shu.edu/SHUBooks.