Faculty Seminar on Challenging Racism and Teaching for Inclusivity – Fall 2022

The Faculty Seminar on Challenging Racism and Teaching for Inclusivity has run each semester since fall 2018. The purpose is for participants:

  • to become agents for change in their departments, schools/colleges, and/or discipline;
  • to become familiar with major theoretical frameworks employed by social/behavioral scientists and other academics/intellectuals/pundits involved in these discussions in analyzing and addressing racism/exclusion, interpreting current controversies, and advancing productive dialogue on such sensitive and polarizing issues;
  • to reflect on the implications of racial disparities and racial injustice on higher education curricula, pedagogical strategies, and classroom management;
  • to develop a new course, or revise one that has been offered in the past, in a way that demonstrates a more acute sensitivity and commitment to teaching for inclusivity in their disciplines.

See the full program description and application guidelines below. Applications are due Aug. 15.

Download (DOCX, 28KB)

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