Watch Our Videos: 2021-22

“Coping With COVID-19: Context, Compassion, and Beyond”

“Responding to Student Writing Meaningfully and Effectively”

“Teaching That Works”

“Logic, the Limits to Knowledge, and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition”

“Hitchhiking the World”

 Hitchhiking the World-20211111_133422-Meeting Recording.mp4

“Understanding DSS Accommodations”

 DSS Workshop-20211109_124225-Meeting Recording.mp4

“Upgrading: Contract Grading as an Advanced Model of Assessment”

​mp4 icon System Upgrade_ Contract Grading as an Advanced Model of Assessment-20211118_153116-Meeting Recording.mp4

Diversity Reading Group: Disciplined by Race

​mp4 icon Diversity Reading Group-20211202_161020-Meeting Recording.mp4

“What We Kept: Strategies from HyFlex/Remote Teaching”

​mp4 icon CFD Session – What We Kept-20211203_110403-Meeting Recording.mp4

New FT Faculty Workshop: CAPS

​mp4 icon New FT Faculty Workshop-20211203_143523-Meeting Recording.mp4

“Strategies for Successful Grant Applications”

​mp4 icon CFD Workshop_ Strategies for Successful Grant Applications-20211210_090211-Meeting Recording.mp4

“Fulbright Information Session–2022”

From Contemplative Community Week: “Using Technology Mindfully”

From Contemplative Community Week: “How Mindfulness Enhances Performance”

From Contemplative Community Week: “Nada Brahma – The World is Sound”

From Contemplative Community Week: “Why Use Contemplative Pedagogy?” 

Digital Storygame Project

 Mike Sell Talk-20220408_160553-Meeting Recording.mp4 

Mission Mentors Program Presentations

Organizing/Uploading Tenure, Promotion, and Reappointment Materials in Digital Measures (now “Faculty Success”)

Using Genealogical Studies in the Classroom

DH Summer Institute, May 31

DH Summer Institute, June 1, Parts 1 and 2