EdTPA Overview for Teacher Candidates

The New Jersey Department of Education updated the regulations for teacher preparation in 2014. A new requirement includes passing a performance assessment in the area where a candidate is seeking their initial license. The department of education selected edTPA, created by SCALE (Standard [University] Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity) … Continue reading

Evaluation Forms for Clinical Experiences

Observation and Conference Report (O&C): This evaluation tool is used to assess pre-clinical interns in their first, second and third clinical experiences. It is also the evaluation instrument used by both clinical supervisors and cooperating teachers in Clinical Practice 1 and only by supervisors in Clinical Practice 2. Clinical supervisors use … Continue reading

Clinical Placement Alignment with Courses

Our candidates are required to have placements in urban, suburban and special education settings over the course of their clinical placements. The information provided below for each program – Elementary Education (ESED), Secondary Education (SCED), Secondary Special Education (SSED) and Graduate Post-Bac (CEAS) – provide overviews of the types of … Continue reading

Our Teacher Candidates’ Majors

All teacher candidates must have a content major from the College of Arts and Science. Students are encouraged to complete core curriculum content majors in English, Math, Social Studies/History, World Languages or the Sciences. Elementary, Special Education, and Early Childhood (ESED): candidates that choose this major complete courses and field … Continue reading