Protecting God’s Children

The Educational Studies Department has requested that ALL students being placed in a clinical experience or clinical practice become certified in Protecting God’s Children. Protecting God’s Children is a workshop offered by VIRTUS in accordance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children and … Continue reading

EdTPA Overview for School Leaders, Cooperating Teachers and Clinical Supervisors

The New Jersey Department of Education updated the regulations for teacher preparation in 2014. A new requirement includes passing a performance assessment in the area where a candidate is seeking their initial license. The department of education selected edTPA, created by SCALE (Standard [University] Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity) … Continue reading

CEHS Scholarship Information

Follow these links for a list of scholarships and a link to apply. The first is for scholarships associated with Seton Hall and the second is for scholarships for students interested in becoming teachers from a span of different sources collected by College of Education and Human Services Scholarships … Continue reading

Health and Mantoux TB Test Form

Teacher candidates may bring this form to their medical professional when updating their Mantoux TB Test results. Generally, pre-clinical interns and clinical interns (student teachers) working as volunteers in the classroom for more than 20 hours a month must show evidence that they are free of active disease while attending … Continue reading

Videos to Assist with Field Placement Orientation

Fostering an atmosphere for success is a challenge for educators in a variety of settings and with years of experience in schools. Conversely, teaching candidates sometimes have a difficult time balancing the demands of the classroom with that of their field placement. Navigating this experience is one that requires adequate … Continue reading