EdTPA Overview for School Leaders, Cooperating Teachers and Clinical Supervisors

The New Jersey Department of Education updated the regulations for teacher preparation in 2014. A new requirement includes passing a performance assessment in the area where a candidate is seeking their initial license. The department of education selected edTPA, created by SCALE (Standard [University] Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity) … Continue reading

Clinical Competency Inventory (CCI) Training Video for Cooperating Teacher

If you attended the on-campus orientations or training sessions for Cooperating Teachers working with clinical interns, please take the quiz for the Clinical Competency Inventory, the evaluation tool used to assess whether a clinical intern should be recommended by us for licensure. If you were unable to attend the on-campus orientations or … Continue reading

Observation & Conference (O&C) Training Video for Cooperating Teachers

If you attended the on-campus orientation for Cooperating Teachers, then you will need to complete the assessment for the Observation and Conference Report. If you were unable to attend our orientation or training sessions, please view the on-line tutorial about the Observation and Conference Report, the evaluation tool we ask you … Continue reading