Master’s Theses of Asian Studies in Walsh Library

Call Number Author Title Year
Online only Gao, Daijuan “A Wretched Idealist”: Tragedy in “Love Must Not Be Forgotten” 2016
DS .E23 2016 Eaddy, Malissa B. An analysis of Japan’s immigration policy on migrant workers and their families / 2016
DS .R63 2016 Rogers, Vaughn C. History of Chinese cyber security : current effects on Chinese society, economy, and foreign relations  / 2016
DS .Z46 2015 Zhou, Yihan A Morphological Study of the Antonymous Compounds in Chinese: How the Word Class Changes and Why 2015
DS .G73 2014 Graham, Samantha Comparing the Reproductive Climates of Japan, Norway and Italy: A New Way of Looking at the Reasons for Low Fertility Rates 2014
DS .Y82 2014 Yuan, Yuan An Investigation of American Students’ Tonal Acquisition towards Disyllabic Words with Same or Different Tones 2014
DS .C366 2013 Capobianco, Paul Human Trafficking in Japan: Legislative Policy, Implications for Migration, and Cultural Relativism 2013
DS .W557 2013 Whittaker, Shryll. China’s rise and the Confucius institutes : Chinese and American perspectives  / 2013
DS .Z437 2013 Zhang, Ting. A case study of fourth tone production in Mandarin Chinese by American students / 2013
DS .D395 2012 Davis, Seth A. Y. The movement for sustainable agriculture in Japan : a case study of posts 3/11/2011 organic farmers in Saga, Fukuoka, Kagawa, and hyogo prefectures / 2012
DS .W553 2012 Wingate, Kristin. Embracing immigration : contemporary Japanese college students’ perceptions of foreign labor in Japan / 2012
DS .L8 2011 Lu, Shengjie (Lucy) Using tasks effectively to teach Chinese as a foreign language to college students in the U.S.A. / 2011
DS .A547 2010 Andrasko, Gary Stephen. Adaptable ideology and policymaking in contemporary China : a case study of the government response to the rich-poor gap / 2010
DS .F444 2010 Fellows, Cynthia. A translation with commentary of Wu Si’s Hidden Rules: the games of China’s past / 2010
DS .C335 2009 Cahill, Devon A. The work of Abe Kobo in the 1960s : the struggle for identity in modernity ; Japan, the West, and Beyond / 2009
DS .E752 2009 Ericson, Nina. Prospects for western-style democratization in China : failure to move toward power sharing / 2009
DS .F673 2009 Forgach, Nandor. Japan’s population decline and its implications for Japanese society / 2009
DS .H825 2009 Huang, Evelyn. Nakajima Atsushi influences of romanticism and taoism / 2009
DS .F555 2008 Fink, Kelly Therese. Japan’s evolving military : East Asia, the United States, and the international system / 2008
DS .N485 2007 Newman, Rebeccah C. Globalization of language and real-world usage : Japanese language and culture / 2007
DS .P555 2007 Phillips, Christopher Gene. Japanese national identity and national security / 2007
DS .P544 2006 Pike, Albert E. Watsuji Tetsuro’s ontological ethics as a conceptual framework for environmental philosophy / 2006
JZ .S355 2006 Schierbaum, Andrea The transatlantic relationship vis-á-vis China : a comparative analysis of the foreign policy approaches towards China by the EU and the U.S. 2006
JZ .Z53 2006 Zhang, lei The impact of inequalities in economic performance on their health-care services between urban and rural areas in China 2006
DS .D758 2004 Driscoll, Sean. The struggle to be both modern and Japanese during the Meiji restoration : a dilemma faced by Natsume Soseki (1868-1916) and exemplified in his novel Gubijinso (The Poppy, 1907) / 2004
DS .K554 2004 Knight, John. It’s right to rebel : the story of China’s red guards, 1966-1968 / 2004
DS .W544 2004 Wilk, Beata Marzena. The Japanese biological and chemical warfare program in China, 1932-1945 / 2004
DS .F584 2003 Fisco, Catherine. The United States’ roles in the exculpation of Japanese biological warfare units from war crimes committed during World War II / by / 2003
DS .C833 2002 Cucchisi, Jennifer Lynn. The causes and effects of the Chinese Civil War, 1927-1949 / 2002
DS .I85 2002 Ishikawa, Hiroko. Evolution of labor in Japan : a comparative study of labor exportation to the Dominican Republic in the 1950s and remigration of nikkeijin from Latin America in the 1990s / 2002
DS .S545 2002 Shen, Jie. Bridging between Chinese tradition and popular culture : Jin Yong’s knight-errant novels and Chinese popular culture / 2002
DS .W355 2002 Wang, Yan. The radical impulse of the “Fatherless Sons” in Post-Mao China / 2002
DS .R364 2001 Radice, Thomas. Clarity and survival in the Zhuangzi / 2001
DS .R366 2001 Randolph, David E. Toward the teleological suspension of ignorance : ethics of “redemptive knowledge” from Confucius to Kierkegaard / 2001
DS .K363 1999 Kanazaki, Megumi. A new suit of clothes : a study of Japanese Catholicism in Endo Shusaku (1923-1996) / 1999
DS .S46 1997 Seo, Kyeong-Ju. The impact of Japanese imperialism on the Chinese communist movement, 1931-1937 / 1997
DS .N35 1996 Nagle, Lisa Whittemore. From cooperation to antagonism : a study of the Yale missionaries in Hunan, 1914 to 1927 / 1996
DS .N94 1996 Nystedt, Daniel D. The introduction of the chariot into China by people from the Central Asian steppe / 1996
DS .P535 1996 Pickett, Sarah J. Japanese environmental policy : the roles of industry, government and citizens in the three-tiered regulatory structure / 1996
DS .D376 1995 Da Roza, George A. A study of changing sexual mores : Female sexuality in contemporary Chinese fiction and films / 1995
DS .K86 1995 Kumano, Ruriko. “Limited democracy” in prewar Japan : the role of Suzuki Kisaburo as politician / 1995
DS .O9 1995 Owen, Edward B. Indonesian foreign policy (1945-1965) / 1995
DS .W364 1995 Wang, Huan. Studies on early Turkish history : Formation and relations within the empire / 1995
DS .B3754 1993 Barnett, William Laurence. Cult as community : temple cult and ritual in late imperial China / 1993
DS .F366 1991 Fanning, Eileen. The Green Revolution : the cost of agrarian reforms / 1991
DS .F45 1991 Fei, Yu-yuan. Peasant society in Qing Taiwan, 1683-1895 / 1991
DS .G37 1991 Gartzke, Erik Andrew. The spark : continuity and change in the crisis in China, 1989 / 1991
DS .H49 1991 Heye, Sayinga. The 1989 Chinese student democracy movement : Its beginning, growth, and suppression / 1991
DS .S86 1991 Stoffers, Neal. Hervey’s Boys : New Jersey’s first Chinese community / 1991
DS .K36 1990 Kao, Hsueh-mei. Hu Shi as a diplomat : Sino-American relations during 1938-1942 / 1990
DS .L35 1990 Lai, Lily Chun-fang. Chinese language reforms and the use of computers / 1990
DS .P36 1990 Pan, Yao-hua. Chinese kinesic behavior : a supplement to Chinese for Today / 1990
DS .P7 1990 Prevost, Anne Marie. The influence of racial prejudice in the 1945 War Crimes Trial of Tomoyuki Yamashita / 1990
DS .S29 1990 Sawada, Akihide. Zaibatsu dissolution in Japan : a comparative study of the prewar Zaibatsu and postwar industrial groups / 1990
DS .S46 1990 Seo, Jeongho. Founding the Chinese Communist Party : a study of organizational activities, 1919-1922 / 1990
DS .C34 1989 Caffrey, Patrick Joseph. Kin and non-kin bonds among the Jiangnan gentry of the late Ming and the early Qing period / 1989
DS .M56 1989 Minsberg, Arthur S. Japanese international negotiation : culture, communication, and the Hull-Nomura talks of 1941 / 1989
DS .O56 1989 Onozawa, Takashi. Policy on foreign trade in Tokugawa Japan : focusing on the contribution of Arai Hakuseki (1657-1725) / 1989
DS .T53 1989 Thayer, Mai Leung. Ideas of death and afterlife in Pre-Buddhist China / 1989
DS .W3655 1989 Wang, Jia-pei. Error analysis application in the intermediated level Chinese language class at Seton Hall University / 1989
DS .P364 1987 Pane, Bernard Civil aviation in contemporary China : pragmatic model for China’s modernization / 1987
DS .S7 1987 Spiessbach, Michael. Bodhidharma : a thesis postulating that some Zen “portraits” of him were intended to be utilized as visual Koans, as a means to experience Kensho, the first stage of enlightenment / 1987
DS .C56 1986 Cho, Kee-yong. The Taiwan issue in Sino-American relations / 1986
DS .H83 1986 Huang, Tian-wen. China’s foreign trade reforms and its open-door programs / 1986
DS .K6 1986 Ko, Nancy. Cross influences in Chinese and European art : porcelain, chinoiserie, painting / 1986
DS .L48 1986 Levine, Irving. Conceptualizing a plan for modernization, China-Japan contrasts, 1850-1875 / 1986
DS .T4 1986 Teicher, David E. Zhao Ziyang’s economic reform program in Sichuan, 1978-1979 / 1986
DS .Y3 1986 Yang, Baotang. Problems and reforms in China’s foreign trade / 1986
DS .H35 1985 Halpin, Joan R. The Three-Self Chinese Christian Church and the Protestant mission movement from 1870-1914 / 1985
DS .J368 1984 Jaoudi, Maria M. An understanding of compassionate wisdom and emptiness in the Buddhist tradition / 1984
DS .M557 1984 Milsop, Patricia. The role of the student movement in the Japanese Communist Party, 1950s-1970s / 1984
DS .M94 1984 Myers, Howard E. Continuities in China’s modernization, comparing the self-strengthening movement and the post-Mao P.R.C. : institutional factors, project level impacts, and project planning implications / 1984
DS .R96 1984 Rzonca, Christopher. Lu Xun : a study of superstition in his selected stories and recollections / 1984
DS .T47 1984 Teraoka, Miyoko. The Japanese tea ceremony and Christianity : the influence each had upon the other during the most important period in the development of the tea ceremony – the Christian century in Japan (1549-1650) / 1984
DS .C5464 1983 Cheng, Shu-chu. An analysis of Chinese people’s problems in the U.S.A. as viewed from their language proficiency : the case of university graduates from Taiwan / 1983
DS .L67 1983 Lorence, Mauricio A. Japanese economic influence in Brazil / 1983
DS .N45 1983 Neide, Joan Livingston. Physical education and its relationship to the martial arts and Meiji nationalism / 1983
DS .R67 1983 Rosen, Diana Burn. Ts’ao Yu : playwright of revolt / 1983
DS .S694 1983 Snyder, Therese M. Asian studies instruction on the pre-collegiate level : an evaluation / 1983
DS .Y6 1983 Young, Allan C. The Japanese annexation of Korea, 1910 : its relation to Korea’s strategic location / 1983
DS .B35 1982 Balkan, Marjorie R. Peking and the Forbidden City / 1982
DS .C5361 1982 Chan, Hanson Tin-suan. The death and the Chinese communist posthumous evaluations of Ch’u Ch’iu-pai (1899-1935) / 1982
DS .C5378 1982 Charton, Michael. The impact of Chinese communism on Tibet, 1950-1980 / 1982
DS .D436 1982 Debold, Walter. The Neo-Confucian epistemology of Wang Yang-ming / 1982
DS .D66 1982 Domalik, M. John. A study of the integrative function of Shinto for the Japanese individual : his relationship with nature and society / 1982
DS .N353 1982 Nakachi, Kiyoshi. A study on the development of Okinawa Reversion Movement / 1982
DS .W65 1982 Wong, David Sau-king. China’s early modernization in Communist historiography / 1982
DS .A44 1981 Allen, Toyoko Akimura. The road to the Japan-China Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1978 : Japanese quest for peace / 1981
DS .C37 1981 Carr, Stewart L. The impact of the 1973-74 Arab oil embargo on the Japanese economy / 1981
DS .C5461 1981 Chen, Chang-fang. Chinese thought : a neglected aspect of Thoreau’s orientalism / 1981
DS .D46 1981 DeMarco, Michael A. The mirror-like mind of Taoism and its implications for the individual and society / 1981
DS .O52 1981 Onaha, Hiroko. Error analysis with special reference to the English speaking student of Japanese in learning particles / 1981
DS .Y5 1981 Yin, Shaiw-chei. Chinese fiction in Taiwan, 1960-1970 : a study of selected works / 1981
DS .C53659 1980 Chang, Ya-nan. A proposed cognitive approach to the teaching of syntactic structures in John DeFrancis’ Beginning Chinese / 1980
DS .G35 1980 Gallagher, Joseph Patrick. The Wuhan mutiny : a case study of the role of the People’s Liberation Army in the cultural revolution / 1980
DS .M55 1980 Miller, Michael V. Trends toward modernization and democracy in Tokugawa Japan / 1980
DS .T8 1980 Tumiski, Walter J. Yuan Shih-Kai’s monarchical attempt in early republican China / 1980
DS .A82 1979 Atchara, Chaloryoo. The June 1932 revolution : a short-cut to democracy in Thailand / 1979
DS .B63 1979 Bobrick, R. Peter. The Jesuits in China in the sixteenth and seventeenth century / 1979
DS .B73 1979 Braunstein, Carolyn. Teaching the reading of Chinese at the intermediate level : approach, method, and technique / 1979
DS .D78 1979 Drucks, Scott Alan. The Whampoa Military Academy: 1924-1927 / 1979
DS .H37 1979 Hartstein, Marian Moskowitz. Deng Xiaoping, a study of his political career since 1973 / 1979
DS .H496 1979 Heymann, Linda Manero. Population policies of the People’s Republic of China / 1979
DS .J33 1979 Jacobson, Henry. The southern expansion of imperial China with regard to the incorporation of the southern minorities / 1979
DS .N356 1979 Nakamura, Hoshin. Introducing the Japanese writing system in teaching college elementary Japanese / 1979
DS .S87 1979 Storm, Neil L. From detente to normalization : Sino-American relations from Nixon to Carter, 1972-1979 / 1979
DS .A42 1978 Albright, Michael T. The development and growth of the petroleum industry of the People’s Republic of China / 1978
DS .C568 1978 Chou, Wei. A study of Hsu Ti-shan’s works / 1978
DS .C585 1978 Chu, June C. P. Lao She : his life and a study of his selected works / 1978
DS .H45 1978 Heinlein, David A., William Elliot Griffis: Portrait of an early Asian scholar. / 1978
DS .H755 1978 Hsiang, Peter Chen-chao. A study of the autonomy movement of the Catholic Church in China / 1978
DS .H786 1978 Hsu, Ming-hsiung. A study of the nomalization of relations between Peking and Washington and its impact on Taiwan / 1978
DS .S96 1978 Sun, Grace Yi-ming. The Long March of the Chinese Communists / 1978
DS .W47 1978 Wertheim, Orit. Ding Ling : a study and translation of her selected stories / 1978
DS .B45 1977 Belkin, Ira. The teaching of Chinese pronunciation / 1977
DS .B476 1977 Bernstein, Samuel. Hydraulic administration in the Ch’ing dynasty / 1977
DS .C548 1977 Cheung, Mark Wing Kwong. A textbook of spoken Cantonese for beginners / 1977
DS .C553 1977 Chiang, Frencene. A study of life and works of Wang T’ao / 1977
DS .C556 1977 Chin, Winifred Chun-hing. The Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian dialogue leading to Sung Neo-Confucianism / 1977
DS .H93 1977 Hwang, Grace. The biographies of Shu-li and Kan Mao : an annotated translation of the eleventh chapter of the biographical section of Ssu-ma Ch’ien’s Shih Chi / 1977
DS .K855 1977 Kulikowski, Carole Frances. Art in the People’s Republic of China : a philosophical, political and practical overview / 1977
DS .L5617 1977 Lin, Po-wen. Liang Ch’i-Ch’ao’s role in the Republican Revolution of 1911 / 1977
DS .L5814 1977 Liu, Eugene E. A study of the Chinese and the Japanese loan-words in present-day American language / 1977
DS .V4 1977 Venditti, Katherine. A study of religious symbolism in the art at Ajanta and Ellora / 1977
DS .W55 1977 Wiggins, Bruce R. The Chinese comic book : an introduction / 1977
DS .F63 1976 Flathmann, John H. A study of the increase and development of Japanese industrial concerns in the United States: 1950-1976 / 1976
DS .G73 1976 Gray, Stanley Richard. An analysis of the Ch’ing central military organizations : the Eight Banners and the army of the Green Standard / 1976
DS .J466 1976 Jenny, Marcelline Dolores. An historical introduction to the old text-new text controversy of the Han period : a preliminary view / 1976
DS .K536 1976 Kiattitharai, Manas. A study of the zaibatsu in Japan / 1976
DS .L53 1976 Lichter, Gale Ellice. Chinese idioms and their usage / 1976
DS .M85 1976 Mullin, Frank X. The question of Taiwan’s further isolation as exemplified in the realm of international sports / 1976
DS .P645 1976 Policicchio, Armand. The boxer uprising and America / 1976
DS .B43 1975 Beck, Kathleen Marie. An analysis of Chou En-lai’s influence on Chinese Communist Party domestic politics: 1956-1975 / 1975
DS .B87 1975 Burns, Harry J. Development of the Revolutionary Committee : revolution to Revolutionary Committee / 1975
DS .C47 1975 Cesarz, Joseph A. A study of Chinese foreign policy in Korea: 1950-1953 / 1975
DS .C5362 1975 Chan, Lawrence J. A study of the most common errors made by Cantonese speakers in learning English / 1975
DS .D493 1975 Dewan, Michael J. Yenan communism and the origins of maoism / 1975
DS .E44 1975 Emmett, Carolyn C. A comparative study of selected women characters in Hung lou meng and Chin p’ing mei / 1975
DS .F66 1975 Florio, Patricia. A study of the relationship between Buddhist and Christian literature in selected works / 1975
DS .H38 1975 Haughney, Therese Marie. An analysis of the role of the People’s Liberation Army in the implementation of Chinese foreign policy / 1975
DS .I53 1975 Ingkanart, Mataya. Opium trade in China in the nineteenth century / 1975
DS .J46 1975 Jen, Theresa Chang Huei. An introduction of Chinese music to Chinese/English bilingual children / 1975
DS .K53 1975 Khan, Yoshimitsu. The beginning of a constitutional government in Meiji Japan / 1975
DS .K73 1975 Kraemer, Stephen M. Similar form characters and the teaching of reading in Chinese / 1975
DS .L5616 1975 Lin, Marge M. A study of Chinese suffix / 1975
DS .M667 1975 Moosa, Alexander. Yu Li-hua, a study of her selected works / 1975
DS .P35 1975 Pak, On-soon. A study of Tz’u Hsi’s court life and her attitude toward the Westerners: 1861-1908 / 1975
DS .P48 1975 Petersson, Mark T. Thought reform in early revolutionary China (1939-1952) / 1975
DS .P6 1975 Poppen, Gerry. Transparencies for teaching Chinese correlated with Beginning Chinese by John De Francis / 1975
DS .S42 1975 Seavey, Jean. Ujamaa : plan for socio-economic development / 1975
DS .S547 1975 Sherry, Thomas R. The Sino-Soviet border conflict in 1969 : a study of jounalistic and editorial analyses of the border clashes of March, June, and August / 1975
DS .T45 1975 Tejanant, Sondhi. Thailand modernization (1892-1932) : the causes and the results / 1975
DS .W368 1975 Wang, Ruth Ru-lin. A study of Chinese musical instruments and their impact on Japan and Korea / 1975
DS .W56 1975 Wightman, Marilyn. An analysis of the role of Timothy Richard and Young J. Allen in the modernization of China / 1975
DS .W66 1975 Wong, Valerie. A study of the burial customs of the ancient Chinese from prehistoric times to the Han dynasty : an archaeological survey and interpretation / 1975
DS .B57 1974 Bishoff, James S. A study of John King Fairbank’s approach to Chinese history / 1974
DS .B76 1974 Bross, Nathan. The early history of traditional Chinese medicine / 1974
DS .E925 1974 Evans, Warren Dale. A comparison between actual and ideal beginning Chinese language instruction / 1974
DS .F44 1974 Feeney, John. A study of the thought of Edward Wilmot Blyden : pioneer in modern African concepts / 1974
DS .K85 1974 Kuligoski, Peter W. The American reaction to Chinese immigration / 1974
DS .L83 1974 Lucas, Andrew E. A study of Sino-Japanese relations: 1971-1974 / 1974
DS .M35 1974 Maloney, Arthur T. A study of Sino-Soviet relations, 1949-1959 / 1974
DS .M38 1974 Matthias, John Thomas. A comparative study of democracy in the Chinese context / 1974
DS .N49 1974 Ney, Steven Roger. A study of Sino-American relation: 1969-1972 / 1974
DS .P49 1974 Pezzano, Frank Joseph. Sino-Mongolian relations in the twentieth century / 1974
DS .P677 1974 Porschen, Douglas R. The Japanese sword / 1974
DS .R38 1974 Ratanamaneichat, Suphachok. The first six-year economic development plan in Thailand (1961-1966) / 1974
DS .R54 1974 Ricker, John Clifford. Himalayan conflict : an evaluation of the India-China War of 1962 / 1974
DS .S57 1974 Sirivich, Anek. Thailand : the role of military in politics / 1974
DS .S575 1974 Sirivich, Suvich. U.S. military and economic assistance to Thailand / 1974
DS .W8 1974 Wu, Hedy Hsiao-ti. A survey of school songs of Mainland China in 1970s / 1974
DS .B375 1973 Barnard, Susan L. A study of the concept and development of negritude / 1973
DS .C388 1973 Castella, John P. The Tao of Chinese painting / 1973
DS .C53655 1973 Chang, Jacqueline H. Shen Ts’ung-wen : a study of his life and selected works / 1973
DS .C53656 1973 Chang, Lien-sheng. An introduction to re-evaluation of oracle bone inscriptions / 1973
DS .C65 1973 Colombo, Claudius M. A study of the People’s Liberation Army / 1973
DS .E92 1973 Eubank, Richard. An audio-lingual approach to the teaching of Japanese / 1973
DS .I54 1973 Ing, Darrell. Mao Tse-Tung’s military strategy and the rise of Chinese communism / 1973
DS .K46 1973 Kelly, Jacquelin J. A critical analysis of the Chinese Language Program in a Defense Language Contract School / 1973
DS .L47 1973 LeSueur, David Barton. A historical study of Hsiung-nu relations with China / 1973
DS .N59 1973 Niwa, Atsushi. Seven translated tales from the Konzyaku monogatarisyuu / 1973
DS .O43 1973 Oliver, Priscilla D. China : a study of unity in theory and practice in education 1949-1970 / 1973
DS .R93 1973 Ryan, Robert J. Determining the sovereignty of formosa : should it be independent / 1973
DS .S54 1973 Shen, Harris C. F. A study of the changing policy of the United States towards China : the new open door / 1973
DS .S546 1973 Shen, Marshall Y. United States foreign policy : a Sino-American thaw, 1968-1972 / 1973
DS .T3 1973 Tam, Mamie. Confucianism and the position of women in the traditional Chinese society / 1973
DS .T35 1973 Tchou, Raymond R. Chin p’ing mei : a thematic study / 1973
DS .Y36 1973 Yao, Tao-chung. A study of Kung-sun Lung and his work / 1973
DS .A94 1972 Axelrod, Charlene C. Lao she : an analysis of Rickshaw Boy / 1972
DS .B47 1972 Bergholz, Fred W. A study of the Viet-Cong insurrection in South Vietnam / 1972
DS .C5366 1972 Chao, Lien-foo. A study of the Chinese translation section in the United Nations / 1972
DS .C5463 1972 Chen, Chung-hsin. Japan’s involvement in the Far Eastern Republic of Siberia, 1920-1922 / 1972
DS .C553 1972 Clifford, Richard C. Higher education in contemporary mainland China / 1972
DS .C635 1972 Cockrell, Harry A. The communist miscarriage : the British triumph in Malaya / 1972
DS .E34 1972 Edmonds, Richard Louis. An annotated translation of the Hai wai bei jing juan eight of the Shan hai jing / 1972
DS .E48 1972 Eisenhart, Edward E. Ethical values of Hinduism : a comparative study with the Christian west / 1972
DS .G642 1972 Goldberg, Susan. A critical and comparative study of the rhetoric of point of view and narrative techniques in the Ch’uan-Ch’i and Hua-Pen versions of “The story of Wu Pao-An” / 1972
DS .H86 1972 Huptich, Arthur W. Takeda Taijun’s Fubaika : a translation / 1972
DS .L441 1972 Lee, Raymond L. The romance of the western chamber : an analytical and critical study / 1972
DS .L5815 1972 Liu, Irene C. Teaching fundamental patterns in Chinese by means of visual aids : flat pictures and overhead projector / 1972
DS .M327 1972 Ma, Shu Hsien. The role of the Young Marshal, Chang Hsueh-liang in the Sian Incident / 1972
DS .M335 1972 MacInnis, Helen P. The changing role of women in China / 1972
DS .S32 1972 Schachner, Steven. A study of Japanese music : from ancient times to Muromachi / 1972
DS .S368 1972 Scott, Paul. The role of taosim in Chinese government / 1972
DS .T364 1972 Thompson, Jr., Finton F. A study of bureaucratic changes in the government of the people’s Republic of China / 1972
DS .T73 1972 Tsai, Celeste Ying-yun Wang Wei : a study of his life and the aestetics of his poetry / 1972
DS .W54 1972 Wheatley, Karl H. Chang T’ien-i : his life and selected works / 1972
DS .W654 1972 Wong, Gladys. Monkey : a study of selected themes and characters / 1972
DS .Z4 1972 Zec, Donald M. The transition of the concept of the dialectic : Georg Hegel to Mao Tse-tung / 1972
DS .B34 1971 Baehr, John S. Chou En-Lai and his Cambodian foreign policy: 1954-1970 / 1971
DS .H633 1971 Hogan, Patrick. The society of the Divine Word in China : a case study / 1971
DS .L5614 1971 Lin, Chin-juong. An analysis of pronunciation difficulties of American English speakers in learning Mandarin Chinese with suggested remedies / 1971
DS .L565 1971 Ling, Tai-long. Discriminatory policies toward overseas Chinese in Southeast Asian countries : particularly in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines since World War II / 1971
DS .M85 1971 Munro, John J. “Ping Pong Diplomacy” : does it represent a significant change in American-Communist Chinese relations? / 1971
DS .N38 1971 Natole, Richard A. Yukio Mishima : a study of the man and his works / 1971
DS .P37 1971 Park, Yongman. The National Diet Library in Japan, 1948-1960 / 1971
DS .P45 1971 Pelosin, Adriano. A study on the theistic orientation of Ramanuja (1050-1137) / 1971
DS .R53 1971 Richardson, Michael C. A comparative study of the leadership of Jomo Kenyatta and Oginga Odinga / 1971
DS .S52 1971 Shapiro, Jamie Stiller. Lu Hsun and a selective study of his themes, characters, and moods / 1971
DS .S55 1971 Shiba, Joyce Setsuye. Chikumagawa no Suketchi (Chikuma River Sketches) : a study of short essays by Shimazaki Toson / 1971
DS .S65 1971 Smith, Josephine Florence. Natsume Soseki’s place in Japanese literature (1867-1916) / 1971
DS .S699 1971 Speziale, Arturo. A study of four mystics of medieval North India / 1971
DS .S97 1971 Syriotis, Ivy Lin. Pa Chin : major themes in family / 1971
DS .V35 1971 Vengraitis, Joseph. Church(es) and state in the people’s Republic of China / 1971
DS .W3 1971 Wallace, William A. A study of the increasing influence of the military : a changing Chinese Communist Party, 1966-1970 / 1971
DS .W8 1971 Wu, Hedy Hsiao-ti. A discussion of Confucian and Pauline transcendence / 1971
DS .B376 1970 Baron, Stephen Paul. Aspect le and particle le in modern spoken Mandarin / 1970
DS .C537 1970 Charms, Owen C. The effect of the Japan Teachers Union on education in Japan : a translation from “Nikkyoso Niju nen shi.” / 1970
DS .C63 1970 Clark, James. Nationalist and Communist China : a comparative study of foreign aid patterns in Africa / 1970
DS .H75 1970 Hsia, Yung-han. An explanation of Japan’s postwar economy and foreign trade (1945-1963) / 1970
DS .K469 1970 Keovimol, Watana. Thailand: the road to commitment : a study of Thai policy toward the United States from World War II to 1962 / 1970
DS .M67 1970 Morcom, Agnes Therese. The political thoughts of Confucius and Sun Yat-sen : a comparative study / 1970
DS .O22 1970 Obata, Etsuko. An annotated text of the Hojoki : (a ten-foot square hut) / 1970
DS .O36 1970 O’Connor, M. Bernadette. The resolution of the Chinese rites controversy: 1742 to 1939 / 1970
DS .P46 1970 Peng, Shih-chen. The teaching of first year Chinese to the college student / 1970
DS .S554 1970 Shieh, Chii-pin. The role of nationalism in the Sino-Soviet dispute / 1970
DS .W36 1970 Wang, Benny P. Peking opera and its role in traditional Chinese society / 1970
DS .W366 1970 Wang, Margaret Da-ling. The spiritual bridge between East and West : a study of the life of Paul Cardinal Yu-pin / 1970
DS .W367 1970 Wang, Ming-yu. The practical teachings of Confucius / 1970
DS .Y46 1970 Yen, Charles Chih-hung. A study of the library resources pertaining to Chinese studies at Seton Hall / 1970
DS .B64 1969 Bogolub, Harold T. A guide for the establishment of an Afro-Asian language and cultural center : a case study of the Matawan, New Jersey school district / 1969
DS .D43 1969 DeAngelis, Alexander Patrick. Ping Hsin: her life and work / 1969
DS .D45 1969 DeLuccia, Robert James. A study of the influence of Nichiren on the philosophy and activities of Soka Gakkai / 1969
DS .P47 1969 Ferrault, Michael J. The philosophy of Wang Yang-ming : an idealist reaction against the rationalist orthodoxy of the Ch’eng-Chu school / 1969
DS .G76 1969 Grossman, Jeffrey. Institutional obstacles to the development of industrialization in late Ch’ing China: 1872-1911 / 1969
DS .H7 1969 Hsia, Mary F. A systematic analysis of the use of phonemic transcription systems in the teaching and learning of Chinese as a second language / 1969
DS .J36 1969 Jambor, Anthony. The secession of the Socialist Party from Gensuikyo / 1969
DS .K43 1969 Kearon, Joseph Christi A study of British American editorial reaction to the Sino-Soviet rift / 1969
DS .L442 1969 Lee, Wen-kai. A study of the Sino-Japanese relations 1939-1941 and the search for a new order in east Asia / 1969
DS .L55 1969 Limb, Ben Q. Division of Korea and re-unification efforts in post-Korean War period / 1969
DS .L5615 1969 Lin, Keh-chung. A study of the U.S.-Japan security arrangement (1960) / 1969
DS .M325 1969 Ma, Hung-hsiang. A study of Ku-shih hsin-pien (Old tales retold) / 1969
DS .M43 1969 Meadows, Charles L. The video-tape recorder and the teaching of beginning Chinese / 1969
DS .P53 1969 Piciucco, Valentino. Italy’s role in the adoption of the Open Door Policy / 1969
DS .R545 1969 Rielly, Robin L. A study of the development of karate in the United States / 1969
DS .R68 1969 Ross, James R. Postpositions in the Chinese language. 1969
DS .W36 1969 Wang, Fred Fangyu. Final report on the EPDA Summer Institute for Advanced Study in Modern Language (Chinese) for Elementary and Secondary School Teachers: conducted at Seton Hall University, South Orange, N.J. / 1969
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