Xue-Ming Bao (包学鸣)


Xue-Ming_Bao_2015.gifProfessional accomplishments:

1. I have served as Associate Professor, Electronic Resources, Systems, and Digital Services Librarian at Seton Hall University. I have participated in the Library transition to OCLC’s WorldShare Management System, a new Integrated Library Systems (ILS), from Voyager. Problem solving is integral to my job.

2. I have served as Library Liaison to Asian Studies, taught credit courses of research methods in Asian Studies and Chinese history and civilization, and provided library instructional classes and reference services.

3. I have insured timely and accurate access to library e-collections through the variety of collections management tools. I have gathered and processed data from our e-resources, and provided various kinds of usage and collection statistics.

4. I have published in peer-reviewed journals of library sciences and made presentations in professional conferences in the U.S.A. and China.

5. I compiled three annotated bibliographies as resources for the celebration of the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May 2021. They are listed as resources in Seton Hall University’s DEI homepage.

6. I attended the Faculty Seminar on Racism, Seton Hall University in Fall semester 2021 to help myself better understand the issues through weekly two-hour discussions with faculty colleagues from different schools/colleges of Seton Hall University. We learned major theoretical frameworks employed by social/behavioral scientists and other academics/intellectuals/pundits involved in these discussions in analyzing and addressing racism/exclusion, interpreting current controversies, and advancing productive dialogue on such sensitive and polarizing issues. I made a presentation on “Inclusive Pedagogy for Library Instruction” at the end of the seminar.

7. I was selected as a Digital Humanities Faculty Fellow to explore the best ways of visualizing library databases in 2016. I took a sabbatical leave in 2017 to conduct a field study of digital humanities in Chinese libraries. As a result, a collaborative book chapter was published by Routledge in 2020.

Xia, Cuijuan, and Xue-Ming Bao. 2020. “Chapter 6: Dynamic DH Projects from Shanghai Library in China.” Transformative Digital Humanities: Challenges and Opportunities, edited by Mary McAleer Balkun and Marta Mestrovic Deyrup, Routledge, pp. 79–89, https://doi.org/10.4324/9780429399923.