Digital Humanities

Dr. Xue-Ming Bao was selected as one of the six DH Faculty Fellows at Seton Hall University in 2016, and has been engaged in DH research projects ever since.

Bao, Xue-Ming. 2017. “用数字人文技术提高读者服务水平: 远读文本挖掘分析法 (Improve Reader Service through Digital Humanities: Distant Reading via Text Mining Tools).” 图书馆与社会发展: 新环境 新理念 新服务学术研讨会. 中国上海浦东图书馆与美国华人图书馆员协会21世纪图书馆员学术研讨会系列联合举办, 2017年6月13日 (The seminar on “Library and Social Development, New Setting, New Ideas and New Services.” Jointly Organized by Pudong Library, Shanghai, China, and the CALA 21st Century Librarian Seminar Series. June 13). The same presentation was made at four universities in China in June and July 2017.

Bao, Xue-Ming. 2017. “Using Library Databases to Locate the Scholarly Works of Dr. John C.H. Wu: A Digital Humanities Approach.” A Paper prepared for the Symposium Proceedings (in process), Seton Hall University.

Bao, Xue-Ming. 2017. “Create Interactive Visualizations for Library Instruction Classes.” Libraries as Agents of Change, The Eighteenth Annual Users Conference of ALE/NJ ACRL/NJLA CUS (January 6). Pictures.

Bao, Xue-Ming. 2016. “Data Visualization of Library Databases.” Digital Humanities Faculty Fellows Showcase, Seton Hall University (October 25).

Bao, Xue-Ming. 2016. “Find Scholarly Works of Dr. John C.H. Wu through Library Databases: A Digital Humanities Approach.” Symposium in honor of Dr. John C. H. Wu (April 21). Visualization examples

DH Visualization Examples created by Xue-Ming Bao

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