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Second RNC Presidential Debate in Review

The second debate of the Republican National Convention for the 2024 presidential primary took place at the Ronald Reagan Library on September 27, 2023. This debate was notably characterized by heightened contention and vigor among the candidates, who engaged in rigorous exchanges and criticisms of each other’s campaigns.

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Investors and the Election

Who would’ve guessed elections are great for the market? The S&P 500 has had its best week since April. At the time of writing, Biden has been declared President-elect, and it looks likely that Republicans will hold the Senate. However, the major equity indexes rose sharply on Wednesday and Thursday despite the outcome still being a toss-up. Doesn’t uncertainty translate to volatility in the markets?

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$20.20 Makeup Release During the 2020 Election by Biden Beauty

Makeup and fashion trends come and go, but voting is forever. Or it is for at least the following four years, minus the local elections. This pandemic has restricted every aspect of our life, including the ability to participate in the democratic process— voting. Yet somehow, this has been one of the best voters turnouts America has seen, and perhaps Biden Beauty is a small contribution to this trend.

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