Tesla: The $1 Trillion Company

It is fair to say that, as it currently stands, Tesla has a firm grasp on the electric car industry. In addition to leading their industry, they are one of the most recognizable company household names, they are constantly innovating, and they are headed by CEO Elon Musk who essentially makes up the majority of Tesla’s marketing efforts by consistently drumming up press, week after week.

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Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) have been sizzling as of late. This strong demand for new stocks is illuminated with the debut of cloud companies such as Snowflake and JFrog. Experts say the Federal Reserve’s decision to hold interest rates at zero for the foreseeable future has ignited the demand for IPOs while accelerating the overall stock market and, in particular, high growth techs. Troy Hooper, head of IPO content at Mergermarket, stated, “IPOs are doing well and I guess that’s what happens when you have the Fed pumping money into the financial system. The money has to go somewhere.”

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Why the Stock Market is Sliding

It is fitting that in a year as uncharacteristic as 2020, the stock market has experienced unprecedented volatility. When Wall Street opened its doors on January 2nd, no broker could have predicted that the Dow Jones would plummet 10,000 points over the course of three months, a historic meltdown that culminated in a 37% drop from the all-time high of 29,569.58 achieved in February. Such a nosedive was largely because of the Dow’s performance on March 12th, a day that investors refer to as “Black Thursday” due to the market falling 2,300 points.

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