Potential Investment Strategies to Use During Volatile Periods as Dow Index Enters Bear Markets

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the oldest of the three main stock indexes on The New York Stock Exchange, entered bear market territory when it declined by 1.1% on September 26th. The decline extended the index’s drop-off from its all-time high and pushed its losses to over 20% from its January peak of 36,799 points to 28,725 points, which meets the criteria to enter a bear market.

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Federal Reserve Pledges to Keep Rates Low Due to Swings in COVID Cases

The Federal Reserve has promised to maintain record-low interest rates to support the United States economy in the pandemic’s worsening times. As COVID-19 cases continuously shatter record highs set by the U.S., it has left many economists convinced that the economy cannot make any sustained recovery until the epidemic is maintained and that most Americans will feel safe conducting their normal outdoor daily activities. Following the Fed’s update on its monetary policy last Thursday, the near-zero interest rates are intended to stimulate spending and inject liquidity into the economy.

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