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2024 Presidential Candidate Spotlight: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

With the 2024 Presidential Election approaching very soon, all of the candidates for the Republicans and Democrats have begun their campaigning with hopes to be nominated for their respective parties. The candidate highlighted in this article is a candidate that is seen as one of the more controversial figures in the race today for his tendencies to traverse traditional political lines on certain issues and provide strong statements on hot-button issues like the handling of COVID-19 and vaccines.

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Does Hybrid Work Mean Companies Are Downsizing?

Almost every profession was forced into remote work at some point during the past 3 years, sparking an appetite for hybrid workplaces in the white-collar American workforce. While the research regarding the productivity of in-office vs remote work is still hotly contested, the white-hot labor market is making it undeniable that the majority of workplaces will be forced to offer some form of remote work.

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Canadian Protests Obstruct Movement in Ottawa, US Border Crossing

In less than a month, what began as a small convoy in rural British Columbia, Canada, has become a movement that has seen protestors clog the streets in the Canadian capital of Ottawa and brought the largest US-Canada border crossing to a virtual standstill. Nearly 80% of Canadians are fully vaccinated. The percentage of Canadian truckers who are vaccinated is also quite high. The protests initially were led by a small minority of Canadian truckers in opposition to vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers, but in light of the fact that a lift of Canadian mandates would be moot so long as the US maintains its mandate, the movement has evolved to oppose a much broader array of perceived transgressions. Freedom Convoy participants now oppose COVID-19 quarantine and lockdown measures, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and the Canadian government in general. The movement has also drawn participants from the fringes of the political right with the makeup of some protestors including QAnon supporters and Great Replacement theorists. 

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Biden Administration: Travel from India Will Be Restricted Beginning One Week from Now

The administration stated that ‘extraordinarily high COVID-19 caseloads and multiple variants circulating’ in India is an explanation behind the new travel limitations. The Biden administration will confine travel from India into the U.S. beginning one week from now as the nation faces the most exceedingly terrible Covid outbreak the world has seen. 

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J&J Asks Other Companies to Join Investigation of Blood Clotting After COVID-19 Vaccination

Recently, federal healthcare agencies have advised Johnson & Johnson to cease administering their COVID-19 vaccine temporarily. According to Reuters, this advice was given after six women under fifty developed blood clotting following the shot. Business Insider reports that the women were between the ages of eighteen and forty-eight and now suffer from a blood clot in the brain called central venous sinus thrombosis (CVST). Overall, 6.8 million Americans have had the J&J vaccine.

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