ChatGPT’s Growing Impact on Education

The world is changing, and that can be very scary thing. Technology thinking for itself is something people thought we made up for movies and sci-fi novels. But today it’s changing the way people do their jobs and gives us a glimpse into the future of education. Chat GPT and it’s programmers could be the first step in that big change.

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2023 ERP Trends to Look Out For

Business and tech are becoming more inseparable every year. Businesses rely on innovations in information systems to scale their product or services to the most productive level whether it is finance, accounting, supply chain, procurement, CRM or human resources, more companies are looking for software to bridge all these departments. That sentiment for an integrated information system is what has drove the ERP market for 50 years.

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A Rivalry on Data Privacy

Tensions have been rising between Mark Zuckerberg and Apple in response to the pending release of Apple’s new operating system iOS 14. As the latest chapter in the competition between Facebook and Apple, it can be expected that the issue of data privacy in advertising will not be going away anytime soon.

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