Meet the AirTag: Apple’s Solution If You Have a Knack for Losing Things

The AirTag is a round, stainless steel device that can be attached to and used to keep track of a variety of items including backpacks, keys, wallets, and laptops. The device, which is equipped with Apple’s ultra-wide band U1 chip, sends out a precise signal that can be detected using the extensive Find My network.

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Virgin Galactic Unveils the VSS Imagine

The VSS Imagine is the first addition to the company’s Spaceship III fleet, which will also feature an upgraded modular design that makes the spacecraft easier to maintain, as well as improve flight rate. Virgin Galactic has also stated in a statement that introduction of the Spaceship III fleet is an important milestone in its plan to fly 400 trips to suborbital space each year.

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LG Closing Smartphone Business

South Korean electronics giant LG announced earlier this month, it was closing its smartphone business after facing years of cumulated losses. This announcement comes a few months after the company said that it was considering various options for its mobile division. The mobile division accumulated losses totaling $4.5 billion in the last six years

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