Start of the 2024-25 MLB Season

Ryan D’Amico
Stillman News Writer

Picture above is the Opening Day Schedule (Photo courtesy of MLB X)

The 2024-25 MLB season kicked off with an electric start, as fans across the world are eagerly awaiting the return of baseball. With a fresh start and high hopes, teams started their journey to the World Series. Through early spring training and a few games into the season, we can see how the teams who are running it back with the same members, newly traded players, the stars, and the young players play out. Even though the season is 162 games, and we are only 10 games through so far, we can debate and argue how good teams will look 100 games later or if will they.

Opening Day ceremonies were spectacular with players from every team taking the field after an offseason of trades and new young stars. From the first pitch baseball fans knew it was going to come down to another great season like its last. With storylines on whether we get to see the Texas Rangers make another great season come to a World Series and if the Arizona Diamondbacks will meet them there. Another huge jump into the best player in the league joining the Los Angeles Dodgers over the off-season, Shohei Ohtani. Along with many more trades and young players coming to play on the same or new teams.

In the first 10 to 15 games several teams emerged as frontrunners showing their talent and skill. One of the best-looking teams right now is the Yankees. Starting the season by beating the Houston Astros 4-0, starting with a bang also highlighting their new player, Juan Soto. The Dodgers also look amazing having Mookie Betts and Ohtani swinging out of the stadium. Another team that stands out in these first 15 games is the Atlanta Braves just like last year but unfortunately lost in the playoffs to the Phillies and are looking to go back to having the MVP last year and being one of the only teams over 100 wins.

The defending champions came back showing some dominance being 8-6 right now and playing some tough games to start their season. Trying to pick up where they left off with a couple of great series to win their first ring. Perennial contenders are facing early challenges as they adjust to new rosters and strategies. But their grit and force as they get themselves through these games will present themselves later in the season.

We are also going to see a new team coming to the league soon with the Oakland A’s moving to Las Vegas. They will be playing in Sacramento until their stadium is built in 2028 just known as the A’s until their final move. They will be playing their home games at Sutter Health Park in Sacramento from 2025-27.

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