NHL Playoff Preview

John Divuolo
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The regular season for the National Hockey League is ending and the playoffs are beginning. A bunch of teams stood out this season and others dwindled in the spotlight from team chemistry and not enough talent. Some of the standings in the East, the Atlantic division has the Boston Bruins, Florida Panthers, Tampa Lightning, and the Toronto Maple Leaves, all of which have already clinched their playoff spots. The Bruins are at the top with 46 wins with 107 points total. The Panthers come in second with 50 wins and 106 points in total. In third the Maple Leaves have 46 wins with a total of 101 points. Then finally, the Lightning came in at 44 wins and totaling 96 points on the season. With the season having a few games left for teams to come in and take a playoff spot. The Bruins and Panthers are looking to fight again in the playoffs at some point. The Panthers look to return to the finals and hopefully come back victorious this time.

Vancouver Canucks (Photo courtesy of ESPN)

In the metropolitan division, there are only two teams to clinch their playoff spots already the New York Rangers and the Carolina Hurricanes. The Rangers are the solidified winners of the division coming in at 54 wins and a total 112 points on the season. The Hurricanes are second to clinch their playoff spot with 51 wins and 109 points. The Rangers have looked amazing all season and don’t seem to be slowing down looking like they could fly by anyone in the East. The Rangers will end the season with the most wins and have been and will be a scary team to face in the postseason.
In the west, the playoff spots are locked. In the central division, the Dallas Stars are at the top with 50 wins as well as 109 points on the season. Then we have the Winnipeg Jets who have 49 wins with 104 points total. The Colorado Avalanche came in next at 49 wins and 104 points. Then finally, the Nashville Predators clinched their spot with 46 wins with a total of 97 points.

Connor McDavid (Photo courtesy of Tony Gutierrez at SportsNet)

In the Pacific division, the Vancouver Canucks are at the top with 48 wins in 79 games played with 105 points in the season. Then come the Edmonton Oilers who have 48 wins in 78 games played and a total of 102 points. The Los Angeles Kings are next with 42 wins in 79 games played with 95 points on the season. And finally, the Golden Knights have 43 points in 79 games as well as 94 total points on the season. The West is very up in the air as any team this year can make a deep run. The stars are hot this year and they will be looking to go very far in this postseason. McDavid and the Oilers could get over the hump this year and make a deep playoff run. And the Golden Knights are looking to repeat and win the Stanley Cup two years in a row. Overall, this postseason is looking to be very entertaining and will be interesting to watch.


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