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The Los Angeles Clippers are taking a new route for the next season. Beginning in September 2021, a new stadium in Inglewood, California has been in the process of being built just south of SOFI stadium. The new arena for the Los Angeles Clippers can host up to 18,000 wonderful basketball fans. The stadium in Los Angeles will be called the Intuit Dome, stepping away from the Los Angeles Lakers which the Clippers have been sharing a stadium with since 1999. This new project is expected to be complete for the 2024-25 NBA season as it is three years in the making. The Intuit Dome was intended to be more than just a sports venue; it was envisioned as a year-round destination for entertainment, community events, and cultural activities. The arena’s design and amenities were aimed at creating a dynamic and inclusive space for fans of all ages and interests. The construction of the Intuit Dome was expected to bring economic benefits to the city of Inglewood and the surrounding area, including job creation, increased tourism, and investment in local businesses.

Since his purchase of the team in 2014, Steve Balmer has injected new life into the team (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

Along with the Los Angeles Clippers relocating from the Crypto Arena, multiple other chances have been made within the franchise for a new brand. These changes consist of rebranding the uniforms and logo. With a familiar yet upgraded color scheme of ember red, Pacific blue, and naval blue, the LA Clippers have unveiled their new brand identity, creating a set of marks that blend the team’s past, present, and future focus. When the Clippers start playing in their new home, Intuit Dome, in the 2024–25 NBA season, the team will wear uniforms and merchandise bearing the new logo and colors.

“We listened to as many voices as we could and then engaged specialists to arrive at a timeless design that blends bedrocks of our past and our future. Our new marks are meaningful and strong, capturing our roots and our aspirations.” Said Gillian Tucker, Los Angeles Clippers president of basketball operations.

The team’s original mascot’s theme is featured in the redesigned primary logo. In honor of the San Diego Clippers and their humble beginnings, the logo incorporates the approaching ship, usually referred to as a clipper. The ship’s hull has basketball grooves, and a compass with the shape of a “C” around it frames the ship. The updated Clippers logo, a feature of the team’s previous uniforms from the 1980s through the mid-2010s, pays homage to the team’s history. A different red jersey has Los Angeles written in cursive across the chest. When the Clippers open the Intuit Dome for the 2024–25 season, they will be sporting their new uniforms

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