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Club Spotlight: Pirate Planners

Justin Lotito
Staff Writer

Pirate Planners is an initiative at the Buccino Leadership Institute that specializes in event planning.

Pirate Planners is one of the newest clubs at the institute. Founded in September of 2023, Pirate Planners has held multiple events and helped with others. Their first event was the inaugural Buccino Initiative Fair.

Like the campus wide club fair, the goal of the initiative fair was to highlight initiatives of Buccino. The club enabled Buccino initiatives to advertise and recruit new members. It was a great opportunity for incoming freshman and other students looking to get further involved at Buccino.

To plan the event Pirate Planners contacted different clubs to see if they were interested in attending the event. The club was also responsible for all logistical elements.

Their next event was an institute wide domestic trip to Washington, DC.
During this trip students visited the United States Memorial Museum and the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The Pirate Planners selected these museums as they highlighted the lesson “The Consequences of Leadership.”

Consequences of leadership refers to leaders abusing their position for selfish reasons, President of Pirate Planners Justin Lotito wrote in a LinkedIn response.

Along with visiting these museums students had the opportunity to explore the city. Some students visited the Washington Mall, the Arlington National Cemetery, and the Library of Congress.

Students also ate dinner together during the second night of the trip. During this meal Buccino members reflected on lessons learned at the Holocaust Museum.

This trip was the result of months of hard work by the Pirate Planners. To plan the trip, the organization had to research hotels, museums, and busing.

Pirate Planners is in the process of planning another institute wide event. This event is the Buccino Ball.

The Buccino Ball is a gala that brings together all members of the institute. It is planned to take place at the end of the 2024 spring semester.

This event will bring together the entire institute. Students will have the opportunity to celebrate another successful year at the institute. Along with celebrating with friends, institute members will have the opportunity to network with peers.

Pirate Planners is actively recruiting new members. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the initiative, please contact President Justin Lotito at Please note to join you must be a member of the Buccino Leadership Institute.

Contact Justin at

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