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Seton Hall Alumni Mentoring Students on Life After Graduation

Miabella Espaillat
Stillman News Editor

There have been multiple series that go on at Seton Hall University. A lot of these lecture series bring students real-life experiences and classes they wouldn’t be normally offered. Seton Hall University is able to bring in different elements for differing sections of its student body. In the most recent, ongoing series Seton Hall has been hosting is a mentoring series. It’s an alumni mentoring series focusing on life after graduation.

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The program is unique to Seton Hall University. The program explores the different ideas of how to move forward after college and university. Many students that have graduated, no matter the college, have felt lost and confused about where to go next. The students at Seton Hall University have the opportunity to learn from fellow graduates how they took the next big step. The step after graduation for certain students can be anxiety-inducing and scary. However, with a series such as this in place, it furthers the students’ trust in the University and themself!

The mentors speaking at this program include an impeccable list of Lou Capadona, Dr. Charles Farmer, Kyle Warren, and Lydiette Diaz. Lou Capadona graduated in 2003 and earned his MBA in 2008. He currently holds a position as Vice President for the General Casualty and Construction Division of Allied World Insurance Company. Dr. Charles Farmer graduated in 2012 and works as an Emergency Medicine Physician. Kyle Warren graduated in 2007 from Seton Hall and got his Ph.D in 2020. Kyle Warren is the Senior Vice Dean of the School of Nursing at Rutgers University. Lydiette Diaz graduated in 2011 from the University. She actively works as a Director of the Cesar A. Perales Leadership Institute (CAP) and Latino Justice PRLDEF.

The session ran for around an hour and was fortunately virtual, allowing a multitude of students to attend. There was a lot of advice given by the mentors that included knowing what’s on your resume. Moreover, know the business you are applying and interviewing for. This is essential to know what students are stepping into and need to research before entering a company. Another piece of valuable advice is never to reference someone in the midst of an interview because you never know how the interviewer feels about that person. A couple of last pieces of advice that stuck with students were also dressing to impress, using friends for job opportunities, and confidence being key. There was a classic line given out by the mentors which are fake it until you make it. There were multiple other strong advice given throughout the session and interviews of each alumni.

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The next upcoming session surrounding the mentoring series is about managing finances. The financial professionals, otherwise known as the mentors, will support and teach students to learn more about budgeting and ensure they’re on the right track. They will be providing advice on how to spend effectively and what to look out for as students enter their adulthood. The session will be on April 19th, held at 7:00 pm in virtual sessions.

Please click on the following link to not miss out on the other session, space is limited: https://www.shu.edu/alumni/alumni-mentoring-series.cfm


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