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How Skims Is Changing the Swimwear Market

Gabriella Gagas
Staff Writer

Kim Kardashian has long been a fashion innovator, icon, and entrepreneur. Most recently, the release of her Skims Swimwear has proven to be one of her most ambitious projects yet. Although in most of her endeavors, Kim Kardashian shows true dedication to her craft, but this time around it seems as though Skims Swimwear is of huge importance to Kim.

Pictured above are models wearing Skims Swimwear (Photo courtesy of

Since the launch of her loungewear, shapewear, and lingerie brand, Skims, Kim Kardashian has received a lot of feedback from consumers asking for a swimwear line. With social media being so easily accessible and fans being able to identify what celebrities are doing, thinking, etc. it was quite easy to guess what Kim Kardashian was going to take on next. Fans speculated about the launch of this collection after seeing photos of Kardashian in a bikini on Instagram. Soon after, she delivered.

In an interview with CNN, Skims co-founder, Jens Grede, said “It was essential that the launch of such a highly anticipated category resonated with our customers in the ways they expect, with focus on fit, comfort, and versatility.” An impressive statement made by Jens Grede led fans and potential shoppers to believe in Skims and want to be involved with the brand. A brand’s culture and mission is extremely important and has become a huge concern for the average consumer today.

Skims is known for size inclusivity which is something that many brands lack. All Skims items come in a wide range of sizes which has helped the brand amass a large following.
The highly coveted 19-piece swimwear collection comes in sizes XXS-4X making it one of the most inclusive size ranges among swimwear brands.

In today’s day in age, inclusivity is a must for companies, especially those that create products/items that are extremely personal like lingerie or bathing suits. For some brands who did not foresee this wave of inclusivity and minority representation, their companies have truly suffered. Kim Kardashian has been able to handle the current climate at the moment and assure that her brand is providing something for everyone.

Pictured above is Kim Kardashian in Skims Swimwear (Photo courtesy of

The collection is designed to be mixed and matched by offering a wide variety of traditional tops and bottoms to swim shorts and skirts as well as long sleeve and cap sleeve tops. The launch even included a swim cycle suit that appears as a romper but is made from swim material. This is a huge difference to the market as there is not bathing suit brand doing things the way Skims is.

The unique but simple swim designs are very on brand for Skims. Previous items follow a solid colorway and modern, clean design. Swim pieces retail between $32 and $108. The collection comes in 7 different colors and can be purchased at


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