The Accuracy of Astrology

Rua Dinm
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The origin of astrology can be traced back 2,400 years ago in Babylon. Over time it gets modified as each region integrates astrology with their religion, culture, technology, and mathematics. According to Meriam Webster, the modern definition of astrology is the “divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects.”

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Zodiac signs are derivative of astrology (and astronomy), and correlate to one’s date and time of birth. The rise of Zodiac-inspired products can be seen everywhere. From cryptocurrency to cosmetics to Apps, astrology is hard to miss. Beauty brands such as BH Cosmetics, Julep, Urban Decay, Bite Beauty, Cailyn, Zodica Perfumes, Ofra Cosmetics, ColourPop, Kylie Cosmetics, Wet n Wild, Fresh, and Spongelle all have had zodiac collections. Facebook’s new cryptocurrency is called Libra. There is even a currency exchange company called Gemini. The most interesting of these astrology-based products are two popular apps – The Pattern and Co-Star.

The Pattern is a personality app that gives users in-depth insight into their personality traits. The app has three features: “Your Pattern,” “Bonds,” and “Connect.” Your Pattern gives users a customized reading into their various personality traits and an informative breakdown of notable cycles users may be experiencing at any point in time – past, present, and future. Bonds explore the unique compatibility users might have with friends and romantic interests. Yes, you can add your friends and crushes on here. The goal of this feature is to let users gain valuable insights into their most important relationships. Users can even compare themselves to their favorite public figures. Connect is the dating feature that allows users to go deeper with The Pattern’s unique methodology. It is a brand-new way to make the most authentic & compatible connections, according to the app.

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This app does not use astrological terms; instead, it simplifies everything by breaking them down into passages. The Pattern does not give such a detailed explanation of how it uses AI and data collection to come up with its accurate results. Unlike Co-Star, described as “the Hyper-Personalized, Social Astrology Experience,” it is entirely transparent about its process to give you the “right information” to maximize your personal life.

Co-Star’s feature includes a breakdown of your birth chart and planet movements. Co-Star claims to utilize NASA data in their “powerful natural-language engine,” with their professional astrologers to generate insights about users’ personality and future algorithmically. Due to its heavy data usage, traditional astrologers tend to look down upon Co-Star. In the Astrology Podcast, Chris Brennan interviews to talk about the criticism the app has gone through. After all, astrology is a lot more than justifying personalities to many eastern religions like Hinduism.

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Whether you think astrology is actual or not, it is now a $2.1 billion market attracting venture capital, according to The New York Times As more people use The Pattern and Co-Star in their daily lives, it becomes a part of users’ routine app rotation. Whether you are a Virgo or Taurus, being versed in astrology can only help. However, it is essential to credit Hindus and cultures from where astrology is originated.


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