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Stillman Updates, and an Exciting New SHU Magazine Released

By Nathaniel Valyo
Stillman News Editor

Another month of notable achievements from Stillman students and faculty (Photo courtesy of shu.edu)

The month of March in the Stillman School of Business held many achievements for both students and faculty. Once again, the list of Servant Leader Scholars, released annually by the Office of the President, contained many Stillman students. The students recognized from the Class of 2021 were Brian Sumereau and Rachel Szeliga. Jared Rubino was recognized from the Class of 2022. From the class of 2023, Catherine Matticola, Andrew Rogers, and Joseph Valente were recognized. And finally, Jacob Borrillo, Jocelyn Duallo, Jacob Mahon, and Josephine McCartney were recognized from the Class of 2024. Award recipients will be recognized at this year’s virtual Charter Day Convocation at 4:00 p.m. on March 25. According to the Office of the President, “Servant Leader Scholars epitomize the University’s mission and are examples of leadership for the good of others.” Congratulations to those receiving this prestigious honor!

Another particularly notable achievement was the release of the inaugural edition of In The Lead, Seton Hall’s newest publication oriented towards sharing leadership perspectives from different industries. In The Lead was the idea of Ruchin Kansal, Director of the Center for Leadership Development in Stillman, Associate Dean Dr. Steven Lorenzet, and Dr. Bryan Price, Director of the Buccino Institute. The Stillman Exchange sat down with Ruchin recently to discuss this exciting new project.

Q: Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Ruchin! Can you start by explaining a little bit about the magazine itself?
A: Thank you for the opportunity, Nate. In the Lead is a semi-annual magazine of the Stillman Center for Leadership that is focused on sharing leadership perspectives from the field. The content is curated from leaders across different industries and is focused on sharing lessons learned from real-world experiences, as opposed to academic literature on the topic. Our goal is to provide content that is easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to apply.

Q: What was the impetus for starting it?
A: The idea of the magazine came up given that we wanted to position the Leadership Center not only as the place where we are developing the leaders of the future, but also the place that is shaping the national and global dialogue on the topic of leadership. Dr. Bryan Price and Dr. Steven Lorenzet became instrumental in realizing this vision. It has been a great collaborative effort.

Q: Who is on the editorial board? Who has been contributing with articles so far?
A: Dr. Steven Lorenzet and Dr. Bryan Price are the co-editors of the magazine. In addition, Pegeen Hopkins [the University Editor], Eric Marquard [University Designer], and Pam Dungee [Marketing Lead] have played a central role in the development of this magazine. Many of our students were involved – Nicholas DiBari [Class of 2021] and Robin Schilke [Class of 2022] were instrumental in creating the initial design concepts for the magazine, and William Steck helped with recommendations on the promotion plan. Mr. Ken Blanchard, Emmy award winner Mr. Steve Adubato, Mr. Kevin Cummings [CEO of Investors Bank], our benefactor Dr. Jerry Buccino, Dr. Karen Boroff, Dr. Bryan Price, Dr. Paula Alexander, Mr. Stephen Wood, Ms. Vina Tailor and Ms. Arianna Weling all contributed to the inaugural launch. And there are many more who supported us in making this vision a reality.

Q: How often do you plan to publish new editions?
A: We plan to publish semi-annually, in March and September.

Q: What is your vision for this project? Where do you see it in 10 years?
A: The vision is to become the leadership magazine for current and aspiring leaders. The mission of the magazine is to inform future leaders, generate global dialogue on the topic of leadership, and build a community of leaders that see more effective leadership as a prerequisite to building a better world. We intend to discuss perspectives on leadership challenges and lessons arising from current and emerging topics, including globalization, digitalization, crisis management, servant leadership, Gen-Z, diversity, equity & inclusion, organizational transformation, leading innovation, leadership development, and new leadership trends such as customer centricity, social justice, and sustainability.

Q: Are there any opportunities for students to get involved?
A: As I mentioned before, many of our students were involved in helping shape our vision. We will continue to invite students to contribute to the End Game. We are also looking for other ideas to make the magazine more fun for our readers. And we hope you will all proudly use the magazine as another way to show that you come from a thought-leading Center for Leadership Development.

Q: Where can interested readers obtain a copy?
A: The magazine is available online by clicking here.

Q: Any other pieces of information you would like readers to know?
A: Our view is that leadership is comprised of the three P’s – Purpose, Privilege and Passion. Our goal is to highlight these messages in the magazine, and we also hope everyone will embrace these principles in their own leadership journeys.


Contact Ruchin at ruchin.kansal@shu.edu

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