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How to Prepare for the Second Wave of Lockdowns

By Katrina Stroedecke
Opinion Writer

While the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided, the second wave is rapidly approaching, and new cases have reached the peak numbers experienced at the pandemic’s peak. Though we have started to learn how to function in a Coronavirus-inflicted environment, there are still many things that society holistically has not learned. In fact, some people still act unfazed by the virus and continue their daily routine to the extent legally allowed. However, we must remember that the virus it is still a very real threat, and we need to all partake in acting cautious and smart if we hope to beat the virus.
Thus, when lockdown for the second wave is enacted, we need to be even more prepared. One way to prepare is to train ourselves to stay calm amidst adversity. For instance, there is no need to stock up on toilet paper from the store or acquire absurd amounts of food. Instead, we all should occasionally visit the store and buy food in reasonable quantities. By now, all of us either know someone or have been individually affected by the virus. We are aware what will happen if we do not take the appropriate steps to prepare for COVID-19. Therefore, we should be ready in case of emergency but not live in fear of the virus.

With the second wave of lockdowns steadily approaching, it is paramount to remain mentally and physically prepared (Photo Courtesy of  AP News.

That said, physical preparation is not the only factor we should consider when thinking about the pending lockdown orders. Our mental health is now more fragile than ever, so knowing how to prepare for several more months of cohabitation is important. First off, building up self-sufficiency is great, especially if you spent quarantine by yourself. However, knowing how to do tasks with other people you may be living with is also important. For example, if restrictions become stricter, you may decide to take turns with your grocery shopping, visiting the post office, or any essential errands. Remember, right now is the perfect time to start working on a plan with your housemates so you know what works and what is ineffective.

Another way to plan for the second way is to plan for free time you may have during break. In a typical year, winter break would be filled with trips to local cities, friends’ houses, or a tropical location. However, with the Coronavirus, having something to do from the comfort of your home is the best option. Specifically, you could purchase exercise equipment, have baking ingredients on hand to make use of the time, or adopt a new animal/plant. As a result, having something comforting will help to not only boost your spirits during the second wave of lockdown but will also keep you a bit more mentally sane while maintaining a routine.

Overall, one thing we know is that the Covid-19 pandemic has made us socially distance. However, it has also brought us together as a community more than ever before. Ironically, while we must physically distance, we should continue uniting and picking up new hobbies amidst the pending second lockdowns. Through doing so, we can get through this virus as a united community.


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