Tiktok Throws Appeal of Thrift Shopping Into Spotlight

By Kassidy Kelly
Business Fashion Writer

With the financial stress of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic still at the forefront of everyone’s mind and wallets, rising popularity in thrifting TikTok videos highlight the benefits of shopping secondhand.

With each swipe, TikTok has served as an entertaining way for users to watch time pass by in quarantine, becoming an outlet for users to show off their unique talents and interests with high hopes of “going viral.” Equipped with a tailored “For You” page concocted by TikTok’s algorithm; fashion lovers everywhere are finding their feeds flooded with trendy thrift shop finds at a fraction of retail prices.

Fashion, being among the largest of TikTok hashtags, boasts 38.6 billion views altogether on the app. Though users still love to window shop through videos that showcase luxury brands and fawn over high-end items, many people are trying to keep frivolous expenses to a minimum. This growing community of “ThriftTokers” is inspiring the masses to visit local thrift stores for a fun way to update their wardrobes for winter on a quarantine budget.

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A novice thrift shopper is sure to feel overwhelmed upon their first visit to a secondhand shop with what seems like only endless racks of junk insight. Have no fear! Tiktokers such as 24-year-old NYC stylist and avid thrift shopper Emma Rogue (@emmarogue_) shared some of her best thrifting tips in a viral TikTok video which, has now surpassed 2.4 million views.

“Always get a cart even if you are just planning on picking up a few things,” Rogue said. “You can never predict what you might find.”

Rogue created her TikTok platform to show off her many thrift goodies and help a new generation of shopaholics get their thrift on. She suggests that if you are unsure where to begin, start in the accessories section because it is usually the most organized and easy to look through. “If you find a cute accessory, in the beginning, it might inspire you to keep an eye out for pieces that will match it later on.”

Rogue also warns not to be afraid to “venture into different sections even if you don’t think they apply to you,” such as shopping in menswear. “There are no rules in fashion, especially not in thrift shopping. Sometimes those sections will be where you find your favorite pieces.”

Goodwill, Salvation Army, and popular resale apps such as Poshmark, DePop, and Threadup are great options to get yourself started in thrifting. But during these trying times, be sure to check out the locally owned small business thrift shops in your area. Never forget – one man’s trash can be another man’s style!


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