LA 2028 Reveals Dynamic Set of Logos

Robert Musantry
Sports Business Editor

The Olympics are coming back to the United States in 2028, in the city of Los Angeles. As with any Olympic games, the release of the logo for the LA 2028 games was met with major fanfare. However, unlike most games, LA 2028 took a community centered approach to their logo. After spending 18 months trying to come up with a singular logo, the LA 2028 committee decided to instead release a series of logos. They would be designed by people from all walks of life who had some connection to Los Angeles, whether they be athletes, illustrators, celebrities, and community leaders.

Some examples of people who have participated so far (the plan is to release more logos as time goes on) include athletes like soccer star Alex Morgan and track and field athlete Allyson Felix, actress Reese Witherspoon, and pop artist Billie Eilish.

This version of the LA 2028 Olympic Games logo was designed by Alex Morgan, and features a sunset over a soccer field (Photo Courtesy of Variety)

The logos themselves consist of four elements. These are the letters “LA” and the number “28” signifying the location and year of the games. Three of those elements are rendered in the same block lettering for each logo, while the “A” in each is where the creativity comes in. Each “A” is different and based on the unique ideas and personality of each designer.

Some of these designs were created by the person themselves, and some were created in conjunction with partnering firms including Cashmere Agency, Giant Spoon, Works Collective, Stink Studios and Media Monks. Nike is also being consulted during the design process.

This logo release is also quite early for an Olympic games, as the 2028 edition was awarded to Los Angeles in 2017. This was eleven years before the games actually will happen, while it is more typical for these announcements to happen six or seven years ahead of time. What this means for the logo program is we still have eight more years to see new designs come out, creating an almost unlimited amount of possibility. Casey Wasserman, the LA 2028 chairman, said there are even plans in the works to allow for fans to design their own logos and be able to print those logos on a range of Olympic merchandise.


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