Q&A: With Seton Hall Swim And Dive Manager, Jonathan Zebrowski


I had a conversation this week with Jonathan Zebrowski, who is the head manager for the Seton Hall Men and Women’s Swim and Dive team. We talked about his role with the team and how this season might look a bit different in comparison to the others. Jonathan is now senior and remissness about his favorite memories with the team.


Kilby: What is your involvement with the Seton Hall Swim and Dive team?

Zebrowski: I’ve been the head manager for the Seton Hall swim and dive team for the past three years.


Kilby: How did you get involved in the first place?

Zebrowski: Since I wasn’t able to compete anymore due to injury, my brother who was on the team asked the coach if I could still be involved somehow.


Kilby: How is this year different from past years?

Zebrowski: In past years we would have around 12 meets but this year we’ve only had two. We got to go to the Big East Tournament, but there were no spectators allowed which was really weird.  It’s been a big difference.


Kilby: What are the covid protocols the team has to follow?

Zebrowski: As of now the team has split into four groups, when in the past it was two to practice. There are also three different time slots within the practices, and we get tested every two weeks as well as three days leading up to a meet, so the PCR has time to come back with the results.


Kilby: How is the team performing this year?

Zebrowski: So far, the men’s team is undefeated and doing really well which is exciting. Our women’s team is doing good as well, they are taking on Villanova coming up which is the toughest competition in the Big East so we’re all looking forward to that.


Kilby: What is the most challenging part of your job?

Zebrowski: Definitely waking up early to go and set up the pool. If we have a meet on a Saturday, I wake up at 4am so I can be at the pool at 5am to set up everything.


Kilby: What’s your favorite memory being a manager?

Zebrowski: Sophomore year we beat Georgetown a week before the Big East championship and everyone was going crazy, it was definitely a special moment I’ll never forget. Another memory and this is just something we do every year that we all look forward to, is our annual Blue vs White inter squad meet. We do this at the beginning of each season to help settle everyone’s nerves and just have a little fun.

Kilby: Do you believe this role will help you in your future career?

 Zebrowski:  Definitely, I have learned better time management and the ability to work well with other people which is always something we can improve on.