NHL during COVID-19

The National Hockey League is one of the many sports leagues that have called off their season due to the recent rise in Corona virus cases affecting the world currently. The decision to postpone this season was made officially on March 12, and with the rise in cases in recent weeks it is likely that the season will be cancelled. Many players and fans are all upset about the situation not only affecting the world, but its significant impact upon the sports community has been greatly felt these last few weeks.

However, even though the season is currently postponed, many athletes and even the NHL itself are taking to social media in order to lift spirits and make light of the grim situation.

Many teams are sharing videos daily to fill up the gap and have content for their fans, even if the season is currently postponed. For example, the New Jersey Devils are playing the rest of their current seasons games through live streams of the video game NHL 20. They are posting videos of home interviews with the players and are generating content for their fans to at least watch some form of hockey.

The live stream simulated games are just one way that the NHL is able to keep their fans somewhat entertained. Also, the methods that the NHL are doing are in an attempt to have normalcy restored in such a weird time in the world. Although it is not the real thing, the New Jersey Devils have found a way to still generate content and keep their social media busy for their fans to interact with.

The Devils are not the only ones with a strategy to get through this time, as the New York Rangers have been streaming all of their playoff games from the 2014 season in which they went to the Stanley Cup finals yet lost to the Los Angeles Kings that year.

This is also an effective strategy, as the games that are being broadcasted on the Rangers twitter account are real life games. Although they have already happened, it gives the chance for fans to watch some real life hockey games. The NHL network has also gotten into the mix by broadcasting games every day.

They are currently having games broadcasted in which single players have scored three or more goals in one game. One the games conclude, they have scheduled interviews via zoom in which the analysts talk to players about their time off and what could be in store in the future.

Many other teams have also had their own specific strategy in order to keep their fans entertained. Together the Hockey community has rallied themselves and found effective ways to find the positives in a negative situation.

The Hockey community hopes that they are able to shed some light on this grim situation. And fans and players alike can also hope that the road to playing hockey and the resumption of all sports canceled and returning to normalcy is in the near future.