Renovations or Revenue?

As announced in early November in 2018, Seton Hall University has decided to renovate its Owen T. Field. The reason for this decision is to keep Seton Hall highly competitive in the improving collegiate landscapes.

The the bleachers used for the baseball side as well as the soccer side will be upgraded to new chair-back seating. There will be permanent restrooms installed on either side of the field as well. These sections will also be highly accessible for handicap viewers.

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Seton Hall’s sports media program is very notable and in order to keep the ball rolling there will be an enclosed press box. This will allow for more efficient game operations, as well as TV and radio broadcasting. This new press box will also allow for new and improved stadium technology.

On top of renovating the field itself, this new field will allow for student-athletes to play on better turf. The baseball dugouts in the past have been above ground, but the new dugouts will be in-ground and enhanced. The renovations will also allow for students to have an overall better experience on game days.  “As I have always said, our student-athletes are our priority, and giving them a first-class facility where they can compete for a BIG EAST Championship is paramount” said Vice President and Director of Athletics & Recreational Services, Patrick Lyons. 

The Seton Hall Baseball and Soccer teams are the two sports teams that are affected by this renovation. However, the major renovations are estimated to be completed in time for the fall 2019 soccer season.

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The main issue with this project is from non-athlete students at Seton Hall. Many students believe that the school prioritizes its athletes too much and this whole renovation is a key example. Instead of fixing other issues such as the quality of the cafeteria food, elevators in every building, heating and cooling system in every dorm, the school chooses to focus on the athletic aspects. “I don’t think our [non-athlete students] money should be going to something that has no effect on our education. A new field is not going to get me my degree at this school” said sophomore Alexandra Torres. Students are concerned with where their tuition money is really going. In this case, the question is where is the money coming from for these major renovations of the Owen T. Field?

Expected baseball field renovations are the following:




Expected soccer field renovations are the following: