Trinity Church

The original Trinity Church that was built in 1696.
This is the burial site of Alexander Hamilton as well as his wife at the Trinity Church today.

Trinity Church began in 1696 with a small group of Anglicans, members of the Church of England, they created the first Anglican Church in Manhattan, New York. As New York’s population grew the Church built new chapels such as St. George’ Chapel and St. Paul’s Chapel. In 1776, the first Trinity Church was destroyed by the Great Fire of 1776 during the war. After President Washington was elected the second Trinity Church was built, George Washington and his government were worshipers at this church while the nation’s capital was in New York City. Alexander Hamilton was also a member of Trinity Church, five of his children were baptized here. The Trinity Parish had eleven different chapels, it was referenced as the “mother of churches”. Trinity Church schoolhouse also played a part in King’s College’s growth by holding some of the very first classes. Alexander Hamilton advised the Church in legal and financial matters as their lawyer. After Hamilton’s death after the duel with Aaron Burr, his funeral was held at Trinity Church and buried in the Trinity churchyard. Today there is a monument near him and his wife’s resting place.