The Tombs


The Tombs Hall of Justice 1839- as seen from Franklin and Centre Streets.
The Tombs Hall of Justice 1839- as seen from Franklin and Centre Streets.


Out of all the rioting, the police were noted to “having made only two prisoners whom they carried to the Tombs.”1 The Tombs is the nickname for City Prison, and was named after its architecture which is based off an Egyptian mausoleum.

It lies on top of what was Collect Pond, and extended between Franklin, Leonard and Centre streets. It was a house of detention for prisoners that were waiting to be tried but it was “within these walls that all the executions for capital offenses occurred until 1889.”2 During his tour of America, Dickens was shocked at the state of the prison saying, “Such indecent and disgusting dungeons as these cells, would bring disgrace upon the most despotic empire in the world! … Do men and women, against whom no crime is proved, lie here all night in perfect darkness, surrounded by the noisome vapours….and breathing this filthy and offensive stench!”3 The original Tombs was replaced in 1902, and there were three subsequent Prisons to fill its place. Although they have moved locations slightly, the modern Manhattan Detention Complex is still referred to as the Tombs today.






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