Updated Online Resources for Biblical Studies

I just updated and added several resources to my Online Resources for Biblical Studies page. Be sure and check out the list of free databases, journals and websites designed to help students and scholars with their work and research in biblical and Jewish-Christian studies.

Here’s what’s new:

Digitized Medieval Manuscripts Maps (DMMmaps)
DMMmaps helps scholars and enthusiasts explore and discover digitized medieval manuscripts by providing links to thousands of medieval manuscripts and hundreds of libraries all over the world.

HebrewBooks.org has thousands of rare and out of print books and journals online.

Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML)
HMML holds works of art and rare printed books from the Middle Ages to the present and is home to The Saint John’s Bible, the first handwritten and illuminated Bible to have been commissioned by a Benedictine Abbey since the invention of the printing press in the 15h century. Additionally, HMML’s online image library, Vivarium, contains digitized manuscripts, art, rare books, photographs and other resources from two Benedictine monastic and educational communities in central Minnesota.

Princeton University Sefer Hasidim Database (PUSHD)
The PUSHD database includes fourteen manuscripts containing different versions of the Sefer Hasidim (Book of the Pious) and its fragments. Access to these manuscripts is free but requires one to register.

Project TABS – The Torah.com
Project TABS is a forum that brings together the world’s top Jewish scholars and thinkers to share their expertise and reflections on biblical scholarship’s implications for understanding Torah.

Sephardic Studies Digital Library and Museum
Dating between the 16th and mid-20th centuries, this collection includes more than 500 original Ladino books and thousands of documents composed in Ladino as well as other relevant languages, such as Ottoman Turkish, Hebrew and French. In collaboration with the UW Libraries Digital Initiative Programs, 90 of these volumes have already been digitized and the first samples of the digital artifacts are available through the University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections.

The Syriac Reference Portal is a collaborative research project publishling online reference works concerning the culture, history and literature of Syriac communities from antiquity to the present. The online publications of Syriaca.org serve a broad scholarly audience including students of Middle Eastern studies, classics, medieval history, religious studies, biblical studies and linguistics.

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