Tribulations of the Patriarch Joseph and Jesus in Greek and Latin Piety

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“Joseph’s Coat Brought to Jacob” by Giovanni Andrea de Ferrari (c. 1640)

The dramatic account of Joseph and his brothers in Genesis 37-50 has been the subject of many commentaries and reflections, by both Jews and Christians. How have the questions of crime and forgiveness been treated as a major theme by Christians?  From early texts the pious effort to interpret the biblical message into a coherent whole led to a link between Joseph and Jesus. How has this been developed in the first millennium of Christianity?

I examine some of these parallels in my paper, “Tribulations of the Patriarch Joseph and Jesus in Greek and Latin Piety,” which I presented at the Medieval Studies Congress (Kalamazoo, Michigan) in May 2005. Today I published the paper in PDF format on my SelectedWorks publications site. You can read the paper for free by clicking here.

Happy reading!

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