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Re-Thinking Global Climate Change: A Local, Bottom-Up Perspective

by Dr. Rafael Leal-Arcas

“At a time when multilateral and exclusively state-to-state action is quite unpopular, while global challenges are simultaneously mounting and increasingly intertwined, the capabilities of citizens, cities, and other non-state actors need to be tapped and harnessed.”


This article provides a timely and forward-thinking analysis regarding the transition to clean energy. It does so by offering a behavioral-economics analysis of prosumer-market factors. We argue that transitioning to clean energy cannot be achieved solely through top-down or bottom-up methods; rather, a symbiotic relationship between government or businesses creating opportunities and individual prosumers is key. The article puts an emphasis on the effectiveness of bottom-up factors like smart cities, NGOs, and ordinary citizens.

Full Article: Leal-Arcas

Full Climate Change Issue: Climate Issue XX, no. 1


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